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Author: Paul June

Mobile Edge News

What’s in Your Mobile Office?

Mobile workers are fast becoming the norm. Long the purview of sales reps and technicians, the mobile workforce also counts among its members executives, financial types, IT specialists, designers, and virtually anyone willing to work remotely or to travel to a non-traditional job site. Mobile…
Industry News

TKK Electronics Partners with Mobile Edge to Offer Mobile Edge Products to Savvik Buying Group Member Agencies

Through a partnership with TKK Electronics LLC, Mobile Edge products are now available at volume contract pricing to Savvik Buying Group member agencies, which include first responders, hospitals, clinics, schools, and other public and private sector organizations in 49 states and several international provinces. TKK…

Got Gear? Now Get Protection

When it comes to our electronics and mobile devices, none of us ever thinks disaster will strike until it does. Imagine these scenarios . . . You’re shooting across the UC San Diego campus on your Diamondback bike, when a greenhorn frosh steps out onto…
A bag for everything

We’ve Got a Bag for That

The start of a new year is always a good time to clean out those overworked travel bags, purses, and briefcases. Who knows what’s hiding in this nook and that cranny? If the thought of doing a deep clean of your favorite travel bag, laptop…

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