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Mobile Edge Making a Difference

Making a Difference: It’s Part of What We Do

Most people and businesses, when they think about “making a difference,” tend to think big. They’ll cure cancer, reduce pollution, save the whales, discover a new source of endless energy. While these are worthy goals, the reality is that such ambitions seem daunting for most.…
Mobile Edge’s Eco-Friendly Line Let’s You Protect Your Gear in Style with a Minimal Carbon Footprint

BACK IN SCHOOL? Mobile Edge’s Eco-Friendly Lets Protect Your Gear in Style with a Minimal Carbon Footprint

Made from all-natural cotton canvas, Mobile Edge’s environmentally-friendly messenger bags, backpacks, and briefcases incorporate all the features that environmentally-conscious teachers, students, and busy professionals need to protect, organize, and transport their gear in style to and from school, while also making an Earth-friendly minimal carbon…

Mobile Edge’s Smart Back to School Solution

Looking for a no-nonsense backpack for your middle school, high school, or college student? With the SmartPack Backpack from Mobile Edge, you can help your student keep organized and stay productive. This super lightweight, stylish backpack is perfect for busy students who need a comfortable…

Protect Your Student’s Gear with Mobile Edge

Since last Spring when school let out, your student’s laptop and assorted accessories most likely have been occupying relatively “safe” spots in the bedroom, only seeing regular action when your student wanted to watch Hulu, surf the web, check email, or game with buddies online.…

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