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Gamers have a lot invested in their gaming laptops, consoles, and other tech. One of their top priorities is to find a way to transport all that gear safely, conveniently, and in style. Fortunately, Mobile Edge offers a variety of solutions . . . plus…

Protect Your Gaming Gear with Mobile Edge

By 2020, predicts gaming industry research company Newzoo, the size of the eSports industry will top $1.5 billion. While not yet at revenue levels enjoyed by traditional sports leagues such as the NBA ($7.37 billion in 2017) and NHL ($4 billion in 2017), the signs are all there…

Who Needs Power on the Go? YOU DO.

We're more dependent on our portable devices than ever, however, we always rely on the batteries that power them. Today's mobile lifestyle requires power on the go - and Mobile Edge has the right products to fit your needs! When your phone, tablet, iPad, laptop or…

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