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You're not in grade school any more! It's time to graduate to a stylish designed specifically for your computer music and gear. At Mobile Edge, we have done our homework and created a roster of durable backpacks and mobile laptop cares that not only protect your gear but can take a beating AND keep you organized for college life.

Laptop Totes
Business Bundle

MOBILE EDGE - Bags for Every Occasion, Style and Personality.

Travelling overseas or just two States over? There’s much more to Mobile Edge laptop bags and backpacks than first meets the eye. Sure, protection and...

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Take a Load Off with Mobile Edge’s New Professional Rolling Laptop Case

6 Tips for Easing the Return to Routines after Spring Break

Spring Break is over. It’s time for many students to assess where they’re at in body and spirit before getting back to cracking the books...

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Your guide to getting the ideal Mobile Edge laptop bag

Chances are you received some new electronics as gifts over the holidays, or you put some of those gift cards or cash largesse to use toward a new tablet...

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