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"Green" Eco Initiative

DuPont Sorona Graphic

What is Sorona?

With the introduction of Sorona®, DuPont™ has commercialized the most advanced polymer platform in over six decades. Sorona is made partially with agricultural feedstocks instead of petrochemicals, reducing our dependency on oil. In addition to fibers and fabrics, Sorona can be used in films, filaments, engineering resins and other applications.

Mobile Edge has been working to create more environmentally friendly laptop cases for years. With the introduction of Sorona material based cases, we take it a step further. Using new technologies to create the best cases in the industry, while creating the most environmentally friendly products possible.
*Sorona contains 37% renewably sourced ingredients by weight.

Why it’s Good for the Environment

DuPont Sorona is made partially with Agricultural Feedstocks - Corn. This requires 30% less energy during production than Petrochemical products such as Nylon or Polyester, which reduces greenhouse emissions by 63%!

Mobile Edge designed their new Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Case Collection with this new renewable resource, reducing our dependency on oil and petrochemical products. The Sorona fibers are soft and extremely stain resistant with high strength and stiffness qualities.

Bio-PDO™ process consumes 40% less energy than the chemical PDO process it replaces.

How it’s Made

DuPont Sorona Explained Graphic

  • Sorona contains 37% renewably sourced ingredients by weight
  • Production of Sorona requires 30% less energy than production of an equal amount of PA6 or Nylon6
  • Production of Sorona reduces CO2 emission 63% over the production of an equal amount of PA6 or Nylon6

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