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Q. What are the benefits of buying from

A. There are many but to list a few:
  • We stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarentee
  • Ordering online is 100% secure (SSL certified)
  • We have an easy-to-use shopping cart
  • We're here for you. Any questions you have about your order will be answered by a living person email via phone or email.

A. The ScanFast™ Collection is designed to speed you through airport security checkpoints quickly. You no longer need to remove your laptop from your case. The ScanFast Collection has been tested and exceeds the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines for Checkpoint Friendly Carry-on luggage.


ScanFast FAQ
What makes a bag Checkpoint Friendly
TSA's Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag Procedures

A. Yes, we can ship product almost anywhere in the world. Simply choose the International Checkout option in the Shopping Cart.
(Service provided by International Checkout)

A. Press and hold CTRL-ALT and the either the Up, Down, Left or Right arrow keys. The correct key depends on which way their screen got changed in the first place. CTRL-ALT-Up – right side up CTRL-ALT-Down – 180 degrees CTRL-ALT-Right – 90 degrees CTRL-ALT-Left – 270 degrees.

A. The main purpose of a tough computer case is to protect your laptop. We at Mobile Edge appreciate that you've invested hundreds of dollars and more for your laptop, and the information on your laptop can approach a value of many thousands of dollars. For this reason, we've developed the SafetyCell™ Computer Protection System. Employing Multi-Compression Technology (MCT), the SafetyCell™ offers "object-deceleration" that allows the multiple independent foam cells within the System to more effectively absorb impact if your case is dropped. We encourage you to compare this unique technology to the single layer foam "protection" other manufacturers use.

A. It stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. EVA provides durability and longevity, and is waterproof, light, and easy to clean. We use semi-rigid compression-molded EVA material for our TechStyle Portfolio, Premium TechStyle, and Ultra TechStyle. These great cases offer natural protection for your computer with a retro-style reminiscent of the classic hard sided cases. Check them out here.

A. It's a unit of fineness for rayon, nylon, and silk fibers, based on a standard mass per length of 1 gram per 9,000 meters of yarn. A high denier material is more durable and less susceptible to damage. Mobile Edge prides itself on the high denier, ensuring your Mobile Edge laptop case will last you for many years to come.

A. California Proposition 65 requires that a “clear and reasonable warning” be provided by any Company that manufactures, produces, assembles, processes, handles, distributes, stores, sells, or otherwise transfers a consumer product which may contain a chemical “known” to the state of California that may cause cancer or reproductive toxicity to any person the product is sold or transferred. We are fully committed to providing the highest quality, safest products for our customers. All products meet applicable federal safety and warning requirements, standards and regulations as enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Procedures are in place as part of our product safety initiatives throughout our supply chain to ensure the purchase and use of raw materials meet Prop 65 lead standards. To date, our efforts have focused on testing for any lead or cadmium content in our products as they are the primary concerns of Proposition 65 in California. Our testing is designed to confirm that all of our materials meet the standards that have been set by California Prop 65. Because every piece of every order that ships to California cannot be tested for every one of the 850 chemicals listed, the safest option is to include a warning label even though it may not be necessary. Therefore, out of professional diligence and a commitment to fully comply with the law, we have chosen to mark all products with a Prop 65 warning.

All products shipped into the State of California are subject to Proposition 65 (“Prop 65”) or The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. "Prop 65" was created through the ballot initiative process and was intended to protect California citizens and the State’s drinking water from a State determined list of over 850 chemicals that are “known” by the State in unsafe volumes to possibly cause cancer, reproductive harm, or birth defects. No Significant Risk Levels (NSRLs) for cancer-causing chemicals and Maximum Allowable Dose Levels (MADLs) are also provided. This list and other information regarding Prop 65 can be accessed at The list contains a wide range of chemicals. Many of them are ingredients or components of common household products, such as ceramic ware, alcoholic beverages and aspirin. Others may be industrial chemicals, dyes, or solvents used in dry cleaning, manufacturing, or construction, such as benzene, cadmium, perchloroethylene and formaldehyde. Even though safe harbor limits are associated with each of the chemicals listed in the Proposition 65 list, it does not include regulatory limits for the amount of chemical that would be contained in a specific product type. Therefore, it is not necessarily recommended to test for all 850+ chemicals in the list. The requirements are intended to be overly strict. For example, for a cancer-causing chemical, according to the state’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, “a person exposed to the chemical at the ‘no significant risk level’ for 70 years would not have more than a ‘one in 100,000’ chance of developing cancer as a result of that exposure.” So, if there would be more than one excess case of cancer out of 100,000 people over a period of 70 years because of exposure to that amount of the substance, you slap on that label to be cautious. It’s not just computer related equipment. As an example, outlines the required warnings for California consumers placed on tools, lead crystal glasses, ceramic tableware, jewelry, Tiffany style lamps, electrical cords, beauty products, and even motor vehicles.

A. If you don't already know the screen size, measure it diagonally. The most popular sizes are 15", 15½" or 17". Of course our cases also accommodate smaller laptops and tablet PCs with our MiniMessenger case.

A. Mobile Edge's exclusive Wireless Security shield is impregnated with zinc so it blocks electromagnetic and radio waves. Once you place a cell phone or PDA in the Wireless Security Shield pocket and seal the top flap, 99% of all communications to the device are blocked, dramatically reducing the chance the information on your device will be tampered with or stolen by malicious hackers. Bluetooth-enabled devices are also susceptible to Bluetooth-borne viruses that can infect your device without your knowledge, and can silently spread to every other Bluetooth devices in your home and office as you come into proximity.

A. Expedited shipments received prior to 2PM PST will be shipped out that day*. Ground shipments will be shipped within two business days*. Currently we do not ship product on the weekends.
*Subject to credit card verification