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Mobile Edge knows that real-world challenges await gamers behind every unopened door, lurk around that next corner, and linger along paths unexplored and well-trodden. One bad bump could be the end of your value gaming gear. Gamers know that Mobile Edge takes transporting and protecting that gear to the next level with Alienware and Razer packs and cases.

Rugged Gamer
Alienware Vindicator Backpack (13"/14") plus Wireless Gaming Headset

Gear Up and Get Your Nerd On at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

It’s been called the “cradle of nerd civilization” and “one of the most feverishly anticipated pop-cultural events of the year” (Rolling Stone). Its 4-days have been called crazy, insane . . .

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Game on! How gamers are protecting their gear

Gaming has become much more than just a hobby or an activity to pass the time between your mid-terms and college classes,” explains G. David Cartwright, President and CEO of Mobile Edge...

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The Age of the Computer Athlete has Arrived

Attention Gamers & Fans: The Age of the Computer Athlete has Arrived

It used to be you could spot an athlete a mile away. He or she was the one on the street corner or the high school athletic field holding a ball, a bat, ...

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