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User Personalities

Shop by the type of mobile user you are and find the ideal products designed with you in mind...

Solutions for Students

Solutions for Students

Mobile Edge takes the guess work out of finding the ideal solution for students of every age. Trying to decide between a backpack and a messenger? Not sure what the ideal size or style bag is for your laptop? Let Mobile Edge help with a selection of products for every type of student - grammar school to grad school!

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Solutions for the iPad & Tablet User

Solutions for iPad & Tablet Users

iPads and tablets are quickly becoming the go-to product for just about anyone who wants to increase learning, grow productivity or simply streamline all of the information in their lives. Mobile Edge has created a line of cases, bags and accessories that make bringing your iPad or tablet easy as well as stylish!

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Solutions for the Business Professional

Solutions for Business Professionals

You need to look the part but never at the expense of mobility and practicality. Your day involves toting around and accessing everything from your laptop, smart phone, files, presentation materials, samples and more. You need mobile solutions that can accommodate your business life and can adapt as quickly as you do to every situation - Mobile Edge has just the ideas for you!

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Solutions for Small & Home Office Workers

Solutions for Home & Small Businesses

Today's modern company is no longer limited to the standard office building. More and more workers are splitting their time between home and corporate or in small satellite offices. As this type of employee you have unique requirements so that your office can be anything from a dining room to a coffee shop to the corner office.

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Solutions for Road Warriors

Solutions for Road Warriors

You may know the TSA screeners at your local airport by name. Your banked hotel points and frequent fliers miles probably cover your yearly vacation's airfare and two-week hotel stay (if you are lucky enough to get the time off!). You need the solutions that make travel easier and more efficient but still allow you to express your personal taste and unique sensibility.

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Solutions for Mac Addicts

Solutions for Mac Addicts

You know who you are - the dedicated, the die-hard, the early adopter, the addict! From your MacBook to iPhone, iPad to iPod, you are a brand advocate. You can't trust your valued devices to just anyone - find your ideal solutions with Mobile Edge and know that on top of looking great they will also be protected by an industry leader!

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Solutions for Gamers

Solutions for Gamers

Mobile Edge and Dell Alienware have partnered to create some of the most cutting edge bags and backpacks on the market. We have a selection of bags designed with the gamer in mind - whether you just want the ease of carrying your gear around town or you like to bring it along on travel.

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