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Customer Service London Komen MicroFiber Tote
Securepack London Patent Leather Suede Tote
Express Backpack Milano (small) Premium Tote
Premium Backpack Milano (large) Ultra Tote
Select Backpack Komen Milano Techstyle Portfolio
Paris Backpack Faux Croc Portfolio (small) Notebook Messenger
Komen Paris Backpack Faux Croc Portfolio (large) Mini Messenger
Geneva (small) Madison Tote  
Geneva (large) Select Tote  


Customer Service

"To whom it may concern, I would like to commend your service in the recent return of a Scanfast backpack that was returned due to a defect in the seams. The process was very straightforward, the item was returned to me within 5 days of my initial mailing to Mobileedge and I was back in business. I intend to recommend this product to my colleagues."

- Alan Alcorn


"Thank you for your expedient service in replacing my bag. As a fellow vendor in teh industry I have always thought highly of the Mobile Edge Company, but now as a customer that has experienced great customer service as well as enjoyed a great product I can speak with confidence to my accounts the values of Mobile Edge. If I can ever be of assistance let me know."

- J. Ralph


"I just received parcel with replacement bag today. Thank you for quick processing of my claim. I am impressed by the efficiency and kindness of Mobile Edge stuff. It convinces me that I made right decision to switch to your brand."

- A. Januszewski


"As a business owner I am impressed by Mobile Edge’s ability to react to customer’s needs in a timely and courteous manner. In a business environment where customer service is seemingly difficult to develop and maintain, it is refreshing to transact with a company that maintains these core values."

- Kristoffer Francisco, Managing Partner, Point Blank Entertainment


"I would like to praise you and your company for a couple of things. First, what outstanding customer service! You have been very prompt, courteous, and helpful in assisting me with my problem. I wasn’t expecting an answer for at least a week or more via e-mail, as I have with other companies I have dealt with in the past. However, you replied within the same day! That is wonderful.

Because of this dedication to customer service, combined with having a quality product, you will have the proverbial "customer for life." Plus anyone that I know who needs such a product, I will definitely steer towards your company."

- J. Webb, Barnhart, Missouri


SecurePack (MEBSP4)

"I live in Phoenix Arizona and commute to my office on a motorcycle nearly every day of the year. I just got a Dell M90 laptop as a part of a new job assignment and wanted a backpack to carry it. I looked at many different bags and picked the Mobile Edge SecurePack because it had several features that I really like. The waist belt, along with the adjustment straps at the top of the bag, give it a really snug fit when I am on the bike. It is also quite comfortable to wear. The laptop compartment easily holds my M90. And even though the overall appearance of the bag is fairly slim, I can still carry all my computer stuff, a notebook or two and still have room for a packed lunch and coffee thermos. The "Secure" aspect of the bag did not factor into my purchase criteria; however, after using it for a week or so, I was very happy to realize that when I zip the main compartment and throw the bag on my shoulder that "nothing" is going to fall out, period. Not having to worry about any open compartments as I am riding down the freeway is an added benefit."

- eBags customer, Feb. 5, 2007


"This is one of the most comfortable laptop backpacks ever made! I did a lot of research before purchasing my next laptop backpack and am glad I found the SecurePack. I first saw it in computer magazines I receive monthly and gave it a few months for consumers to review them. Everything is true about this bag. The only way to access the items inside of the main pocket is take off the back, and fold the straps back (very secure concept). The pocket for an mp3/audio player on top is very narrow, and mainly accessible by unlatching two belt clips. It also has a small hole for your headphones to exit, and an extra secure belt strap. The main reason why this backpack is so comfortable is because of the padding on the back and shoulders, and also the way the shoulder straps are positioned. They distribute the weight evenly and allow for hours of comfort if you need to carry it for that long. The amount of space inside is average and can accommodate up to a 17" screen laptop. There are also great mesh compartments for a PDA/Scientific Calculator, pens/pencils, and two separate small zipper bags that attach to the inside lining with Velcro. I do tend to carry more than what this bag can accommodate sometimes, but for the comfort and functionality, this is perfect. The only reason I gave this a 9 out of 10 is because I can't fit more into it. But then again, why should we be carrying so much if we want to be comfortable? I would highly recommend this backpack to everyone."

- eBags customer, Feb. 8, 2007


"The bag is good looking and protects the laptop very well. The bag is padded well and distributes weight evenly so the bag never feels heavy. The bag is large though, however it has to be in order to fit my 17" laptop. The bag also makes it very easy to organize all my belongings."

- Anonymous Customer from Paramus, NJ, Jan. 13, 2007


"This is a great bag! Plenty of room for my laptop, accessories, books, etc. Comfortable and well padded. I love it!"

- eBags customer, Dec. 11, 2006


"I like it all! This bag is going to be very secure in the airport and it fits my 17" Dell easily. I like the back pack feature because it will be easier on my back while I am in motion. And there will be room for other items when I use it as a carry-on."

- eBags customer, Nov. 19, 2006


"It's awesome. The security it offers me is a great bonus I never considered before. I never have to watch my back so to speak. It also sits very comfortably on my back."

- eBags customer, Nov. 17, 2006


"I own a 17" Acer laptop that isn't very heavy but, when combined with all the other items I need to carry, weighs me down a lot. I've tried several different types of laptop bags and like messenger style ones, but the SecurePack is the very best for heavier loads. The design and the straps make it so I can hardly feel the weight on me, thus my shoulders don't hurt once I get from my house to the subway and I can actually run errands while toting the laptop. Something I never thought I'd be able to do. The fact that I don't have to worry about anyone taking stuff from my bag on the subway is icing on the cake. I love this bag. It's very roomy inside, protects the laptop well, and doesn't make me look like a hiker."

- SheFinds, KimB from New York, NY, Oct. 20, 2006


Express Backpack (MEBPE)

"You would not believe how many compartments it has from the picture itself. It could fit a laptop and 3 large books. Also, it is very durable. "

- eBags customer, Nov. 22, 2006


"I like it. I like the padding on the back - makes it nice for walking long distances or through an airport. I like the storage for all my accessories."

- eBags customer, May 22, 2006


"I was very pleased with this laptop backpack. It has ample room for my widescreen laptop and lots of pockets and places for storing items both inside and in outside pockets. Great product!

- Kathie R. Pearce,, Mar. 21, 2006


"This is a fantastic backpack. It looks great, is comfortable to carry, and has all kinds of room. Only other backpacks I'd want are the other Mobile Edge ones."

- eBags customer, Feb. 18, 2006


"This product can withstand major abuse and still last, that sounds like a well-made back pack!"

- eBags customer, Jan. 11, 2006


Premium Backpack (MEBPP)

"I bought this bag because I needed something a little bigger with good support for the back. I really like this bag! It has excellent room, with a superb laptop section with padding like none I have seen before. Excellent protection for your unit! The weight distribution is very good as well, with padding for the back ergonomically placed. I own a Tumi backpack and I tell ya , I like this better. With part of the monies going to a good cause (Boomer Esiason Foundation, cystic fibrosis) it was a no-brainer for me. You will not be disappointed with this bag."

- eBags customer, Dec. 20, 2006


"I love this pack -- it has a place for everything I need! The contoured design is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, though it's not as easy to get into or out of as a conventional design."

- eBags customer, Nov. 11, 2006


"I bought this for my son in Grad school and my husband decided to "try it out" for him...needless to say my son never received it. My husband really likes it and he carries a laptop, PDA, cell phone, etc and tons of paperwork back and forth from work. He says there is room for everything and the backpack still has a slim profile. Would recommend this to anyone who needs room and organization but doesn't want a pack that is so wide and bulky that it looks ridiculous on an adult."

- eBags customer, Jun 14, 2006


"It's great for all my LAN events that I attend weekly I'm able to fit my headphones/keyboard/mouse/mic/mousepad without worrying about any of it being damaged, it's also a very appealing backpack. I'd say overall Mobile Edge makes some really nice storage backpacks for sports/travel/business. I would definitely purchase another and have already recommended it to friends."

- eBags customer, Jun 4, 2006


Select Backpack (MEBPS)

"This is a great bag with great stitching and appearance. I would definitely recommend this bag."

- eBags customer, Apr. 27, 2006.


Paris Backpack (MEBPW1)

"Excellent bag for even the larger laptops such as the engineering class laptops Dell M70 and M90. So much more practicle than lugging a bag over your shoulder. Allows hands free while traveling to/from meetings. Would recommend this to ladies."

- eBags customer, Dec. 10, 2006


"This is a great backpack for combining all your stuff along with your notebook computer. I particularly like the flap which makes the compartments more secure. There are separate compartments, so folders don't get bent, nor do they slide down if there isn't much in the pack. The front compartment has also sub-cubbies which can hold PDA, phone, pens, etc. I use it on public transportation every day. The straps are very comfortable as well. It slips on and off easily. Backpacks are easier on the back than briefcases, but most of them don't look very professional. This one does."

- L. Russell,, Aug. 25, 2006


"Outstanding quality bag. Very stylish and well padded to protect your laptop and other accessories. Excellent choice for students or professionals."

- eBags customer, May 26, 2006


"I like this item so much that 3 of my colleagues are going to order and I receive many compliments when traveling in the airports from strangers!!"

- eBags customer, Feb. 28, 2006


"It's a great way to tote a laptop and other items without looking so business-like. It stylish, yet versatile"

- eBags customer, Feb. 27, 2006.


"It fits a 15" Powerbook perfectly! Thank you for creating products for women in business!"

- Cheryl Thiele, Creative Art Services, Jan. 9, 2006


Komen Paris Backpack (MEBPWX)

"Thanks again for my new bag!!  I love it. I just finished tucking everything in and my back feels so much better."

- eBags customer, Jan. 9, 2006


Geneva - Small (MEGN1S)

"This is a great bag for someone who is always on the go. It is spacious as well as light. Many times computer bags are too heavy without the computer in it. This bag is light, compact and roomy at the same time."

- eBags customer, Jan. 9, 2006


Geneva - Large (MEGN1L)

"Love it. It is just the right size for my HP ZD8000 with plenty of room for files (and I carry A LOT of files)."

- eBags customer, Jan. 26, 2006


"I love this bag. It fits my widescreen laptop perfectly which is no easy task plus it is gorgeous. Every time I carry it I get compliments and people ask me where I got it. It is a large bag but it is definitely what I needed."

- eBags customer, Jan. 22, 2006


"So many features about this bag to mention that I enjoy. As a Real Estate Broker, I am able to hold my 15" widescreen laptop with charger and all my client files. The many compartments allow for many storage options. I bought the larger bag rather then the small as it would allow me to also store the laptop charger in the same area as the actual laptop it's self. I have traveled with it on a plane and it fits ok under the seat. Remember this is the larger version. The shoulder straps are great, flat for laying on your shoulder and round for the rest of the strap. Overall great bag and I am glad that I purchased this product. Go for the large rather then the small you'll be glad that you did."

- eBags customer, Dec. 27, 2005


London (MEHLN1)

"This is great bag. Plenty of room inside for accessories, daytimers and files. The patent leather is very shiny and the bag is an eye catcher. I've had many compliments on the bag so far. Its handles are nice and long to carry over the shoulder - although it can be pretty heavy when fully loaded."

- eBags customer, Dec. 21, 2006


"I really love the organization of the bag, as well as the durability. I think it does a good job of protecting the laptop. Loads of pockets and compartments. The straps are a good length for carrying your laptop on your shoulder."

- eBags customer, Aug. 11, 2006


"This bag is AWESOME! It is an A+++ work tote, but it's totally HOT! What more could a COOL professional working woman want? "

- eBags customer, Aug. 2, 2006


"As a consultant I need to have everything I need with me and I feel it looks more professional to have just one bag than a briefcase and a laptop case. I've also received positive comments from other women on it because it doesn't look like a ‘briefcase.'"

- eBags customer, Apr. 26, 2006


"My Dell Inspiron 6000 fits snugly inside the protective laptop compartment, which the walls of the bag can close around with room to spare. I like that the walls of the bag are very structured and provide extra protection."

- eBags customer, March 1, 2006


"Finally a fashion forward women's professional computer bag. I love the fashion sense of this bag and the organization is excellent. The two pockets on the outside are perfect for personal items and smaller peripherals (I put my sunglasses, makeup, and personal items in one and pens, cell phone, iPod, etc in the other)."

- eBags customer, Feb. 26, 2006


London Patent Leather (MEHLP1)

"Overall, a very large and roomy bag. I like that the main zipper unzips all the way down the sides of the bag."

- Katie from Washington, DC, January 12, 2007


"This is great bag. Plenty of room inside for accessories, Daytimers and files. The patent leather is very shiny and the bag is an eye catcher. I've had many compliments on the bag so far. Its handles are nice and long to carry over the shoulder."

- Kim from Littleton, CO, December 21, 2006


"The bag looks great: much nicer in person than in the picture. It is also trendy this season as big bags are fashionable; it could be mistaken for a simple handbag. It is also practical to organize stuff."

- Anonymous customer from Chicago, IL, September 13, 2006

Milano - Small (MEMC1S)

"Great. Has been really useful, and holds everything I need. Compartments for PDA, cell, documents, laptop, pens, business cards, and a zippered pouch for other odds and ends. and still room for other things."

- eBags customer, Aug. 4, 2006


"This is the best "computer" bag I have purchased. I always get compliments on it."

- eBags customer, Jun. 16, 2006


"This bag looks great and is a wonderful and stylish alternative to other drab-looking computer cases out there. The inside is soft and the red interior is a nice feature. Sure beats the "big black hole" effect that many other bags have. All in all, this is a great bag for stylish women!"

- eBags customer, Feb. 28, 2006


"I am very pleased with my new purchase! I wanted a laptop holder that looked stylish and unique. This one is beautiful! Love all the compartments and the fabric inside the bag."

- eBags customer, Jan. 13, 2006


"This bag is beautiful and sturdy. I've only had it for a short time, but I love it! It's very classy and easy to carry, not bulky at all. The inside is a nice maroon color that feels almost like suede. It has a wristlet included that you can take out and carry. I would highly recommend this bag to working women!"

- eBags customer, Dec. 28, 2005


Milano - Large (MEMC1L)

"I really like the bag-- it's big enough for my widescreen 17" laptop, but still manages to look feminine. I feel like I finally found a bag that is functional AND feminine. I LOVE the inside-- the faux suede red lining is chic. The only slight downside-- since it doesn't have a thick shoulder strap, it can be a little hard on the shoulder, but it's well worth the gain in style."

- eBags customer, Dec. 19, 2006


"Made for a woman who wants to carry her 17 inch laptop AND look great at the same time. Classic design. High quality construction."

- eBags customer, Dec. 17, 2006


"I really like the durability and look of this bag. Thank you for a great product! "

- eBags customer, Dec. 14, 2006


"This bag is exactly what I needed. It holds my laptop and other work items with ease. I always get compliments on it! "

- eBags customer, Oct. 18, 2006


"This bag was a gift for my mom. She is very happy with it and it seems to carry everything she needs for business travel, including her brand new, 17 in. laptop."

- eBags customer, Jun. 1, 2006


"I love this bag and get so many compliments on it. It is big enough to hold my oversize computer and the interior pockets and dividers are great. When I travel for work I use it as my briefcase and use the internal red pouch as my purse when I can. I would recommend this to other professionals looking for a multi-purpose tote with a large capacity."

- eBags customer, May 30, 2006


"I was thrilled to find a laptop bag designed especially for women and for the 17" Dell Inspiron Laptop. I was tired of "man bags" and this one looked super stylish. I was not disappointed when it arrived. I use this bag for business travel and it fits everything: laptop, cell phone, iPod, various cords and chargers, etc. I love this bag. It's perfect!"

- eBags customer, May 19, 2006


"This bag is perfect for my oversized screen. It's perfect for the Dell E1705. I looked everywhere for a case that would carry the computer and all the extras. I recommend this bag and I LOVE the fashionable look. Very comfy to carry over the shoulder."

- eBags customer, May 18, 2006


Komen Milano Handbag (MEMCXS)

"I absolutely love this tote, it has several pockets (cell phone, pens, PDA, wrist bag, big file sleeve with two separate sleeves, padded laptop sleeve, and a med size zippered pocket)all on the inside, unlike other laptop cases. And this case is so beautiful, I love croc and especially pink. Just what I was looking for."

- eBags customer, Feb 26, 2006

Faux Croc Portfolio (Small) (MEPFC)

"I was looking for a computer case that was streamline enough to be easy to carry but also very protective. I wanted pink. This case has worked great and I have had many compliments on it."

- Kathy, eBags customer, Oct. 15, 2006


"I love this cute little bag! It's very stylish and functional. My 15.4 in. Dell Inspirion, cord, and plug all fit perfectly. I can even fit files and my iPod 60GB in it. This bag is just what I needed and I'll definitely get another another color. Also, the lifetime warranty is great!"

- eBags customer, Aug. 11, 2006


"Great bag! Doesn't look like your average laptop bag, but it's tough enough to take good care of my iBook G4 12". I feel confident lugging it around all day."

- eBags customer, May 12, 2006


"Excellent bag, just the right size to put in a computer. I get tons of compliments on its looks."

- eBags customer, Apr. 24, 2006


"The size of this was perfect for my Dell Latitude 510, which is wider than a lot of laptops. I like the fact that the shoulder strap can be detached, and that there is a hand strap also."

- Anonymous customer from Kenosha, WI, March 27, 2006


"When I got it I was surprised that it was better than I expected. This portfolio is so different and unique I do not see other people carrying it. I like the storage and also the cosmetic bag is very handy. I just love it."

- eBags customer, Feb. 16, 2006


"I have the green version and have gotten many positive comments on its sleek and fun look."

- eBags customer. Jan. 23, 2006


Faux Croc Portfolio (Large) (MEPFC-L)

"This bag is awesome! It's stylish and fun, very feminine :-) My HP notebook fits nicely in the bag. There is room for the wireless mouse and the power cord in the handy little bag. Keep making the great product!

- eBags customer, May 23, 2006


"I love that it is thin compared to the other bulky laptop bags. I love the croc design and the shoulder strap is great!"

- eBags customer. May 22, 2006


"Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality, function and looks of the bag. I also received compliments and inquiries about the bag, not only from conference attendees, but also from women along my travel route. Even airport security complimented the bag - and we know they look at bags all day long!"

- Dee Wolfe, Technical Consultant, ANATECH LTD., Mar 13, 2006


"This is a great sleek looking bag, which fits my Toshiba Qosmio F25 laptop perfectly. It is made very well, and I like the sturdy semi-hard material. If you want good protection for your computer and a very stylish smart looking bag this is the one for you."

- eBags customer, Mar. 8, 2006


Madison Tote (METMN)

"This bag holds a TON of stuff and is perfect for traveling. Despite its size, it sits very comfortably on the shoulder. "

- eBags customer, Jan. 26, 2006


Select Tote (METS01)

"I love this bag! It looks great (I've gotten lots of complements), and any dirt wipes off easily "

- eBags customer, Mar. 13, 2006


Komen Microfiber Tote (METXK)

"I really like this bag. I love the color and design. It isn't too heavy to carry through the airport."

- eBags customer, Jan. 27, 2006


"As others have mentioned, all my stuff fits easily in it and it looks great! It fits my laptop, an extra pair of work shoes, some files, plus odds and ends."

- eBags customer, Jan. 25, 2006


Suede Tote (METL0)

"Good looking bag, very spacious and I like that in addition to my laptop I can also put a fair number of files in too."

- eBags customer, Aug. 4, 2006


"This bag is fantastic! It has a nice compartment that keeps my laptop snug & secure, as well as plenty of space for thin notebooks, small books, pens/pencils, and anything else you would need to throw into your purse. Note that if you are a law student, obviously your casebooks will be too big or too heavy, but it's really easy to carry them in your arm since everything else is conveniently in the bag. I also can't count how many times I received compliments on my bag's appearance--from men and women! I've been using it daily for 7 months straight now and it still looks almost like new. I'm really happy with this purchase and would recommend this bag!"

- eBags customer, Aug. 3, 2006


"It was just as expected. Professional, yet simultaneously casual. It's appropriate from the office to the classroom to Starbucks! I also appreciated the cover it arrived in. I believe Mobile Edge is a brand I'll continue to watch."

- eBags customer, May 28, 2006


"What a beautiful bag! This bag has plenty of room for items and accessories for your laptop as well as other documents, files, or books. The laptop compartment is well padded and large enough for most laptops. The bag itself is so attractive that I also use it without the laptop as a tote. I have two Mobile Edge laptop bags and both are excellent quality bags."

- eBags customer, May 26, 2006


"I love my Mobile Edge Computer Tote. I get lots of compliments on it and the overall perceived value is much higher than what I paid. This is a beautiful and useful bag."

- eBags customer, Mar. 21, 2006


"This bag goes with anything I wear, is very high quality and has LOTS of room inside. I carry my planner, a book, several files, my keys, vitamins, etc., etc...the list goes on and on. Well worth the purchase price and then some."

- eBags customer, Apr. 26, 2006


"I've been looking for a computer bag that looks good and can protect my computer. My new Mobile Edge suede computer tote is perfect for everything that I need it for. It is comfortable, fits all of my school stuff in an organized manner and it looks good. From the moment I used it in school everyone loved it. And the price was great. I'm VERY happy with this purchase. It was a good investment indeed."

- eBags customer, Mar. 16, 2006


"The bag is great, very stylish and convenient. I am able to carry many things in addition to my laptop in it."

- eBags customer, Feb. 17, 2006


"It is great! I needed a bag to hold my pump while I am nursing and to hold my laptop and power cords while traveling. It holds all of it, and a book and water. I can set it on my suitcase and it doesn't tumble off like so many bags before! It is great because the liner removes so that I can add all of the above items while flying."

- eBags customer, Feb. 15, 2006


"I really like this item. The organization is really good and so is the appearance."

eBags customer, Jan. 11, 2006


"I bought this bag for my wife as a Christmas gift and she loves it. It works nicely as a computer bag without looking the part (i.e., it is stylish)."

- eBags customer, Dec. 29, 2005


Premium Tote (METP01)

"I really like this bag. It feels very sturdy and has lots of room without being too bulky and masculine. It has just enough pockets for me...enough to stow what I need but not so many that I overload them and forget what's in there."

- eBags customer, Jul. 15, 2006


"This bag is perfect in size for realistic day to day work. I can fit my cables, mouse and laptop inside. I have a Dell Inspiron 600m and it fits so perfect. My husband has a larger laptop and that fits too! The best part is that the whole laptop section can be pulled out of the bag. Then the bag becomes a normal tote bag, which I have used already as a bag to put my gym clothes in. I love that this bag is so versatile!!

- L. Minnich,, Feb. 16, 2006


"This bag is great! I travel frequently and needed a case for my computer, but wanted something stylish. It has plenty of room for my laptop, files, cords, wallet, plus any additional items I may need to carry along. Plus, it's lightweight and durable. I purchased this item in June '05 and it hasn't worn a bit. Great product!"

- eBags customer, Dec. 28, 2005


Ultra Tote (METU01)

"LOVE this bag. I searched for a bag for 2 weeks when I finally found this one. I am extremely happy with this bag, the look and the functionality. It is perfect."

- eBags customer, Dec. 11, 2006


"This bag is stylish, you'd never guess there is a laptop inside, and it fits my MacBook pro 15.4" perfectly and snugly. I find that there is sufficient room for a couple of texts and notebooks, along with the cord, mouse and other paraphernalia."

- eBags customer, Oct. 26, 2006


"My friend recommended this bag to me as the PERFECT work/school bag. I had to try that out for myself. I use my bag for travel to carry my laptop and everything else. It holds tons of equipment besides the laptop and has adequate space for paperwork and personal items. I think my friend was right!"

- eBags customer, Mar. 5, 2006


TechStyle Portfolio (MEVSC1)

"Perfect size for my Toshiba laptop. The main reason I picked this item is most of the other laptop cases would not easily slip into a book bag this one fits perfectly."

- eBags customer, Dec. 30, 2005


Notebook MessengeR (MENML)

"It's stylish, has very practical features and is comfortable to carry around."

- Anonymous Customer on from North Bend, WA, December 26, 2006


Mini Messenger (MEMMS0)

"(It's a) great bag. enough pockets to hold my portable electronics (pda, mylo, xm myfi, psp)"

- eBags customer, Dec. 16, 2006


"Great bag. Comfortable and very efficient especially if you have a smaller laptop."

- eBags customer, Nov. 19, 2006