My Trip With My Premium Backpack

jason_at_ontario_airport2.jpgSo I am finally back in the office after a much needed escape from civilization last week. The trip was great, but it was a great opportunity for me to put my new Premium Backpack to the test on the road, literally. I was flew out to Missouri one way on Express Jet, I tell you some more about them in a bit. The return trip was packed into a van with 5 friends and a golden retriever named Sancho; very interesting to say the least.

The trip out was a little different for me; I was flying out of an airport I hadn’t used in quite some time and on an airline I had never used. For you Southern California business travelers, I am sure you already know how great Ontario International Airport is. What you might not know is that there is this great regional carrier called Express Jet that flies out of there. Check them out; cheap flights and very friendly service. We not only left on time we actually arrived in Kansas City, Missouri about 15 minutes early! Ok enough about the trip, now about the bag.

jason_at_ontario_airport8.jpgUsually I am pretty cramped for space in my bags on trips so I have to pack my carry-on luggage light. Not the case with the Premium Backpack, I packed as much as I wanted and the bag still had more room for me. I have travelers A.D.D. so by the time I had packed enough stuff to keep me occupied in the airport and on the plane I had packed my HP 15.4 widescreen laptop including my travel mouse and power cord, 4 DVD’s, my ipod, 2 books, and the 3 most recent issues of TIME.

jason_at_ontario_airport3.jpgI also had thrown in there my ipod charger, cell phone charger and some small random items like gum and Advil. The Premium Backpack carried it all like a champ. I was a bit worried that I was going to be rocking a giant weight on my back once I had it packed, but the ample back padding and ultra comfortable shoulder straps helped me to carry it all in comfort without even noticing the weight.

I packed the Premium Backpack out even more for the trip home. Same as for the trip out, but I added a sweatshirt, a t-shirt and my toiletry bag for my 25 hour drive back to California. jason_at_ontario_airport4.jpg

Once again the bag shined. One would think with all my junk packed into one backpack that I would have to unpack it just to get something out, but the Premium Backpack is so roomy I was able to access my goods easily. I’m super stoked to see how the bag performs on future excursions, but after this one, I am sure I can expect the same results.

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