Mobile Edge 17″ Premium V-Load 2.0 Briefcase

Mobile Edge designed the new 17” Premium V-Load 2.0 (vertical load) briefcase with innovative designs no other manufacturer offers. This briefcase designed to carry 17” wide screen laptops has a removable SafetyCell Computer Protection sleeve. This removable sleeve makes it easy to go through airport screening checkpoints.

Mobile Edge 17? Premium V-Load 2.0 Briefcase

This rugged briefcase uses their exclusive Bungee Comfort System (BCS) shock absorbing shoulder strap system. This patent pending design helps absorb the weight of the bag from your shoulder with flexible material that is built within the bag. Other innovative features are the use of low-frequency magnets to keep the outer flap closed. This replaced the harsh ripping sound that Velcro makes. Additionally, the V-Load comes with a Wireless Security Shield accessories pocket, which actually protects your Bluetooth enabled cell phone or PDA from being hacked into. Like what happened to Paris Hilton and her Sidekick, hackers can now hack into your phones without being detected. This is called Blue Jacking or Blue Bugging. This Zinc lined pocket blocks out cellular signals completely, ensuring your phone or PDA is secure and is perfect for popping into a meeting. Never worry about your phone ringing during that important client meeting again.

Constructed of double ballistic nylon (3360 Denier Nylon), this briefcase could be the strongest and most durable laptop bag on the market. Compare for yourself and you will see the quality sewn into every bag they make. Backed with a Lifetime Warranty, this is an amazing bag with uncompromised functionality. Check the product page by clicking here.

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