webBikeWorld Review of the SecurePack Backpack

Here is a great review of the SecurePack which was featured on webBikeWorld.com.

Mobile Edge SecurePack Laptop Backpack

by Glenn W. for webBikeWorld.com

“Anyway, I was looking through the Mobile Edge website a few weeks ago and learned that they just SecurePackreleased the new Mobile Edge SecurePack laptop backpack for motorcycles, which really piqued my interest.

I ordered it and got one of the first available and I’m really pleased.  I had been looking for a good motorcycle laptop backpack but most of the products seemed to be either cheaply made or not really designed with motorcycling in mind.  The SecurePack is not only a very high quality item but it also has a couple of very unique features that make it perfect for motorcycling and also for simply trudging back and forth to work.

The biggest selling feature of the SecurePack and the reason it’s named is that the contents can only be accessed when the pack is not being worn.  So there’s basically no way that anything can fall out when you’re on the bike, which adds a certain comfort factor to wearing it.”

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