Business 2.0 Magazine Final Issue

I found out that Business 2.0 Magazine is printing its last issue, October 2007 while reading a blog post on TechCrunch today. A very sad day indeed. One of the few magazines I genuinely liked. Here is the blog post I read from Michael Arrington.

The final issue of Business 2.0 magazine, October 2007, will soon be in the mail to subscribers and on the newstands. It promises to be a collector’s item and will probably be the biggest selling copy of the magazine in its nine year history. The image to the right, we’re told from a source, is the cover for that final October issue. Click for a larger view.
Business 2.0 Magazine Final Issue
It is a shame to see it go – Business 2.0 is one of only three magazines I subscribe to and read cover-to-cover every issue (the other two are Wired and The Economist). The story style and content was a big inspiration for starting TechCrunch, even though we are a poor imitation and rarely do it justice.

I first heard about Business 2.0 in 1998 when I saw a billboard on the 101 freeway near South San Francisco that advertised it, before the first issue came out. In 2001 it was sold to Time Warner, who’ve done little to grow the brand, and some say they were somewhat proactive in destroying it, always favoring the (in my opinion) sterile business magazine Fortune.

To read the full review click here.

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