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Evan Ackerman over at OhGizmo just got finished playing with a couple our backpacks for a few weeks. Here is little bit of what he had to say:

Now, here’s the part I was most impressed with: this thing has a lot of padding. Like, seriously, a lot. The shoulder straps are padded all the way down, the back is entirely padded (except for some stitching which allows air to circulate nicely), and there’s Mobile Edge Backpackseven some sort of padding inside the rest (sides and front) of the shell. I feel like I could get whacked between the shoulder blades with a baseball bat and not only would I not feel a thing, neither would my laptop. Well, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but it certainly makes a comfortable pillow when you’re on the road. If I had to find a complaint about the padding, it would only be that having so much makes the pack a bit stiff, but I’m sure that it’ll loosen up as you wear it more.

The Mobile Edge Premium Backpack is on the larger side as backpacks go, at 16?’ x 21?’ x 9?’. Most people I talked to weren’t exactly taken with the color scheme. I guess it would be useful if you want to hide in an urban environment populated by people who are orange colorblind, but I’ve only found myself in situations like that three or four times. I in fact kinda like the urban camo, but I’d like it a lot better without the orange trim, especially since it’s made a bit redundant by the fact that the silver trim is reflective while the orange is not. Mobile Edge does offer this style of backpack in other colors including charcoal, navy, silver, Mobile Edge Premium Backpack - Camo and a questionable sort of greenish yellow. The outside of the backpack has some rubber bits, holes, straps with ambiguous functionality, and some other foofawfery, but it’s not too overblown. I appreciate the fact that the matching cellphone holder is detachable; although I carry a cellphone with me, I don’t like to flaunt it because it’s not an iPhone. I’m a bit confused as to why there is a tough rubber piece on the outside cover of the backpack, but not on the bottom of the backpack, where there’s likely to be more wear from setting it down over and over. So, overall, I like the look and the shape. It’s certainly not a small backpack, but it doesn’t look or feel huge when you’re wearing it.

The design of the backpack is fairly standard (large interior spaces, smaller auxiliary pocket at the front), with one exception, which is the top flap. After all the compartments are zipped, this flap goes over the top of them to cover the front of the backpack and clips to the sides near the bottom. If it were larger and didn’t have six holes in it, I’d call it a rain fly. As it is, I guess it might keep stuff from falling out if you forget to close the zippered compartments at the top completely and do a back flip, but it seems to be mostly for looks (in that the backpack would arguably be just as functional with the top flap completely removed). That’s fine, as long as you’re comfortable with having to go through the additional step of unclipping it in order to access the main pockets of the backpack.

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