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From Catherine Roseberry, Your Guide to Mobile Office Technology, About.com
Komen Pink Suede Tote
While it’s appearance is feminine the Komen pink suede tote has a suede exterior which is very durable, and suede can stand up in inclement weather. With regular brushing and care th suede will look like new forever.

Women looking for a stylish and feminine laptop carrying case that can serve multi-purposes will like what the Komen Pink Suede Tote by Mobile Edge offers. This laptop case also has another purpose in its creation and that is that part of the proceeds from all sales go to a cancer charity – the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Searching for a laptop case which is not black and masculine looking isn’t always easy for women. Mobile Edge has created a line of laptop cases which have been designed exclusively for women.

This laptop case has a removable computer compartment which can be handy when going from work to an evening out and you don’t need to take your laptop with you. This dual functionality is appealing because it cuts down on requiring a purse and laptop case. There is also a removable pouch which can be used for mobile accessories during the day and cosmetics for other occasions.

This laptop case has certainly been designed to appeal to women and the fact that they require more from a laptop case, than just carrying their mobile gear.

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