Hitting the road with the Premium V-Load

I’m back in the office now after spending a few days out in Florida. It was a great trip and the weather was awesome, even with the daily thunderstorms. Nice change of pace though for someone from So Cal where we aren’t used to having that kind of weather. The flight was great too. I’ll definitely be flying Continental Airlines again after this trip.

17? Premium V-Load Briefcase What I was really stoked about was the new Mobile Edge Premium V-Load I had with me on this trip. Typically I am more of a backpack kind of guy, but the Premium V-Load went a long way in changing that. The biggest thing I was concerned about was how comfortable the bag would be after I stuffed it out with my 15.4″ widescreen laptop, 8″ personal DVD player, a couple of books, DVD’s, i-Pod and a bunch of other stuff.

Well, I am happy to say the exclusive Bungee Comfort System delivered as advertised. Combined with the padded shoulder strap, I never felt like was carrying too much for my poor shoulder to handle. And in case you couldn’t tell, the Premium V-Load can hold more than enough goodies. In fact, I was packing more than I needed purposely just to see if I could test the limits of the bag. I never did find where that was. This bag is awesome!

The Wireless Security Shield was great to have as well. Knowing my information was safe from hackers while in busy airports kept me at ease. It also came in handy during my daily meeting, because I was able to drop my smartphone in there and know I wouldn’t be interrupted by unwanted calls. I put this bag through the ringer over five days and whether it was in the airport, on the plane, in the car, or being carried around town, the Premium V-Load handled it all like a champ.

Check out more on the full line of V-Load bags on MobileEdge.com.

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