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If you just bought a brand new notebook a new bag to protect this very important piece of equipment could be a great gift idea for friends, loved ones, or even yourself. Our case buyers guide examines the different styles of notebook cases, provides the pros and cons of each, and links to reviews, manufacturer’s websites and low prices.

In short, this is your best resource for finding the perfect bag!


Backpack notebook cases are definitely geared towards students and young professionals. Varying in style, color and pricing, it’s easy to find the perfect backpack for you whether you are just starting high school, a college student, or a young (at heart) professional.

Mobile Edge Express Backpack Review – $60
Mobile Edge puts out a great backpack. They sell other styles and even have a line dedicated strictly to women, but they make a pretty great backpack. The Express is a great backpack for a student because the price is low, the design is perfect for textbooks, etc. and it’s still stylish.


Totes are typically geared towards stylish female professionals and college students who want to protect their notebook without having to give in to the all black briefcase/backpack that runs rampant over all the bag companies.

Mobile Edge Monaco Notebook Case Review – $100
This tote is part of Mobile Edge’s For Her collection. They have a great selection of totes and briefcases for women. The Monaco is one of more cost efficient bags on their website at $99.99 and is easy on the eye.

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