Facelift for MobileEdge.com

I’ll freely admit that I am still trying to figure out this whole “web 2.0” thing, even though by definition I am already part of it. I won’t even pretend to be tech savvy. In fact my 15-year-old cousin knows more about social networking and the internet in general than I do. But that is precisely what makes these times we live in so exciting. New technology is replacing the old almost on a daily basis.

More and more people are turning to the internet for just about everything. Shopping was an obvious internet application, but now the internet is replacing traditional news, marketing and recreating the social experience. Online shopping has now evolved into social shopping sites like Zebo and Kaboodle. Myspace and Facebook have replaced standard email, at least in some part. I won’t even get started about YouTube. This is just scratching the surface though. The most important thing though, in my opinion, to come out of this whole internet evolution is blogging.

Of course I’d say that, I am a blogger. But besides my own personal stake in it, blogging has revolutionized just about every facet of our lives. There are blogs out there about everything, and they are really cool too. But now even businesses are blogging. Mobile Edge is one of them. The barriers of one-way business to consumer communication are gone. Companies of all shapes and sizes have recognized the benefit of having open lines of communication with the public. I haven’t seen an example yet of this being a bad move. Sure there have been some rough patches for some companies, but overall the feedback is positive.

Now companies are getting even more basic and re-creating their websites to match this new interactive world. Older websites were very one-sided. It was basically here is our product, put it in our cute little shopping cart icon and buy it. The cute little shopping cart icon is still there, but the shopping experience has changed dramatically. Mobile Edge is proud to be changing with it. The new generation of MobileEdge.com is on the horizon.

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