Judie Lipsett reviews new Mobile Edge messenger bag

Judie Lipsett from Gear Diary models the new Mobile Edge CuteBug messenger bag.Judie Lipsett, editor/founder of Gear Diary reviewed one of Mobile Edge’s newest laptop bags, the CuteBug Messenger Bag. As expected, Judie wrote an in-depth review covering all of the key attributes this bag has to offer not missing any details. She even took the time to model the messenger bag for us. I think we found our new model for advertising. Read Judie’s review below…

I was eager to review the Mobile Edge CuteBug Laptop Messenger Bag, because it is one of the most original designs I’ve ever seen. Combining the extremely well executed features we have come to expect from Mobile Edge with the sassy iconic images Maddie Powers’ designs borrow from 1940s and 50s pulp fiction magazines, the CuteBug Laptop Messenger Bag is one hot tamale.

In person, the bag is far lovelier than the Mobile Edge site pictures convey; the colors are deeper and the materials more luxurious. There are three major textures and materials at play: the green printed vinyl on the front of the bag, the smooth black nylon composing the sides and bottom of the bag and the exquisitely lush purple velvet on the back. The beauty of the vinyl and the nylon are that they are dirt and stain resistant, the only downside to the velvet is that it is nappy – making it a natural magnet for cat hair and lint, and meaning that it might drag against your clothing more than a smooth-sided bag would, depending upon what you are wearing.

The bag measures approximately 17? wide x 13? tall x 5.5? deep. It is made to hold up to a 15.4? screen laptop, measuring no more than 15.5? wide x 12? tall x 3.8? thick. And you know it kills me that my X205 is just too darn big to fit inside!

As you might have guessed by the picture above, there is a 15? wide slash pocket on the back of the bag. This is a perfect place to store magazines, newspapers, plane tickets, or any other slim items that need immediate and easy access.

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