Mobile Edge SecurePack featured in Road Bike Magazine

Mobile Edge SecurePackThe Mobile Edge SecurePack has been written about by editors from various Motorcycle Magazines over the past year. In the March 2008 Edition of Road Bike Magazine, the SecurePack laptop backpack was featured in their Rider Gear Product Evaluation section. What’s great about this review is the Editor, Steve Lita, points out all of the great features this backpack has and how it helps riders balance the weight on their back when riding. From the waist belt and padded shoulder straps, to the reflective material for riding at night, this is a great option for motorcycle riders.

Here is a brief recap of Steve’s review:

Did you ever have that uneasy feeling while riding that your backpack is unzipped and the contents are jettisoning all over the highway while the opening flaps in the wind? Or, while walking, did you experience someone brushing up against your pack and wonder what they’re doing back there? The Mobile Edge SecurePack will help put your mind at ease. It’s a laptop-compatible, rugged rucksack that’s comfortable to wear and loaded with user-friendly security features.

Road Bike Magazine March 2008The biggest difference between the SecurePack and your garden-variety backpack is the way you gain entry to the storage area. You can only access your stuff while the pack is not being worn, so you can consider pickpocket theft thwarted. You load the interior from the ventilated and zippered flat panel that rides against your back. There are no outside pockets, save for a small, mesh-pouch bottle holder that stows away in its own zippered compartment when not in use. The roomy interior features a padded laptop sleeve that can accommodate a computer with a 17″ screen. There are two small, removable pouches Velcroed in the interior to hold various laptop accessories like cords and a mouse. There’s also a zippered cargo-net compartment and what I like to call the office area with places for pens, keys, CD’s etc.

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