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Mobile Edge CuteBug HipsterCarolyn from Coolest Gadgets dot com wrote a brief review of the CuteBug Hipster vertical messenger bag right before Valentine’s Day. She is another admirer of the vintage themed cases Mobile Edge introduced to the marketplace. As the industry leader in stylish laptop computer carrying cases and accessories, this new line of vintage themed laptop bags round out the extensive Women’s Collection of designer laptop cases.

Here is an overview of what Carolyn had to say about the new Hipster:

Yes, we’re ramping up to Valentine’s Day. Yes, I’m sure you’re sick of me talking about all the great gifts you can buy for Valentine’s Day. Well, too bad – there are too many Valentine’s Day themed gadgets and gadget accessories to not write about them! You’ll have to suffer through a few more days.

I saw this adorable laptop bag over at Techie Diva today: the Mobile Edge CuteBug Hipster vertical messenger bag. This pink and burgundy bag comes with the following features:

* Fits 14.1? laptops
* Superior padding for computer protection
* Removable matching neoprene laptop sleeve
* Interior zippered pockets
* Exterior rear zippered pocket
* Removable soft padding for shoulder strap
* Interior ID pocket
* Accessorized with “Lucky Seven” dice

Also on the Mobile Edge website, it shows two other color options (green and black) that will be available soon. I like the fact that you can take the laptop sleeve out so you can use it as a functional messenger bag for those times when you do not want to take your laptop with you. And the “Lucky Seven” dice accessory adds a nice, whimsical touch to the vintage advertisement-adorned bag.

To read the full review visit the coolest-gadgets website by clicking here.

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