Mobile Edge laptop bag images similiar to Leatherheads Movie characters

Leatherheads The Movie Photo

The vintage themed laptop bags sporting football images on the new Mobile Edge DIG Messenger and Stadium bag have a striking resemblance to the character George Clooney plays in the new movie Leatherheads in theaters now. Dig Stadium Bag by Mobile EdgeOur designer wanted to incorporate the retro themed sports icon images with modern day laptop messenger and vertical messenger bags blending style with innovation and technology.

The Messenger bag’s exterior icon image is that of a sports pulp magazine from the 40’s and 50’s while the actual vintage magazine cover is printed on the inside lining.

The DIG Stadium Laptop Bag is just right for you when all you need is your laptop and a few files for the day. For the fashion conscious male who enjoys the nostalgic sports of yesteryear. Either laptop case is the perfect choice for anyone on the go!

As for the movie, well I haven’t seen it yet. However, if you own a laptop and enjoy vintage themed sports images or know someone who does, you should take a closer look at this new Collection.

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