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There is even a special section that has some helpful hints when purchasing a laptop bag. Here are a few of those helpful tips.
What to look for when buying a laptop bag

1. Size – The screen size of your laptop will determine what type of laptop bag is right for you. Most laptop bags are designed to carry a 15.4″ laptop computer or smaller. With larger sized laptops such as 17″ screens and larger are often hard to find laptop bags that will accommodate them. Mobile Edge offers several 17″ laptop bag solutions available on their website.

2. Protection – Your laptop must be protected, ensure there is a dedicated computer protection area with plenty of padding. This is fundamentally the most important aspect of a laptop carrying case.

3. Quality – Ensure the laptop bag you choose is backed with a warranty. All Mobile Edge notebook bags come with a Lifetime Warranty. If a company does not stand behind their products they will not offer a Lifetime Warranty.

4. Style – Don’t compromise your style with a stale boring black case. Choose one that helps you reflect your own personal sense of style.

5. Innovation – Choose a bag that has innovative features like the Mobile Edge Wireless Security Shield which blocks out cell phone signals, perfect when popping into a meeting as you won’t be embarrassed with your phone ringing. Or features like the Bungee Comfort System shock absorbing shoulder strap system. As an end-user, you should demand that all companies offer these type of options at a great price.

6. Durability – The material used on your laptop case is important. Check the seams, zippers and lining to determine durability and craftsmanship.
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