Mobile Edge laptop bags featured on Malaysian Blog

A fashion blog site from Malaysia called Emmagem featured the Mobile Edge Caring Case Collection along with our Faux-Croc Portfolio Collection. Recently, there has been quite a Buzz about our products in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. I think they discovered how stylish our products truly are.

Mobile Edge Komen Full-Grain Leather Tote Here is a brief overview of the review which did include a few other laptop bag companies.

By Karen Marie

We’re afraid laptop bags are not cheap, if not then it would not serve its purpose as a laptop bag, would it? Laptop bags need to be sturdy and it has to protect the laptop most importantly.

Get a bag with bold colors instead, if you cannot find a stylish bag. . . Here are some suggestions. . .

The Mobile Edge Komen Full-Grain Leather Tote. This bag reminds me of the Coach tote! This online store ships to Malaysia, rest assured, as told by one of our readers earlier!

To see the full review and recommendations click here.

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