Mobile Edge laptop bag concepts TSA approved

Mobile Edge submitted three new design concepts to the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) in an effort to help make traveling through airport screening checkpoints easier and quicker. We know how daunting those long lines at the airport can be, and this is a way to help alleviate those long lines.

The TSA sent out an official request (RFI) to leading laptop bag manufacturers to make the “perfect laptop bag” in which the TSA will approve themselves. Of course the design team at Mobile Edge was at the top of their list and jumped all over that request.

Without giving our competition too much information, we submitted three designs that are sure to be approved through the TSA. Anything we can do to help relieve some of the wait when traveling through airport screening checkpoints will help.

One of the guidelines the TSA had was to create a laptop bag that would open all the way up so the user would not have to take their laptop completely out of the bag. This would in turn help make the line move quicker, helping passengers get to their terminals in a timely manner. This would remove one additional step we have to take when traveling.

One thing is for sure, Mobile Edge will have TSA approved laptop bags very soon. Once they are approved from the TSA, we will make sure our customers are aware of these new and innovative laptop cases. Stay tuned for more information . The TSA will announce which designs they approve over the next few months!

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