New Mobile Edge laptop bag showcased in Gadget Guide

All new Mobile Edge TPS Signature ToteThe Design Team at Mobile Edge created a new collection of laptop bags created for the sophisticated mobile woman. The TPS Collection is comprised of an array of Mobile Edge traditional styled cases using new material that uses discrete thin pink stripes.

In that Collection, the new TPS Signature Tote has already gained some recognition. Laptop Magazine puts out an annual Mobile Gadget Guide and their Editor’s wanted to include the Signature Tote in their laptop bag round up featuring several Hot new styles.

The TPS Signature Tote of course stood out because it was designed for women by women. Other companies may think that creating a woman’s laptop bag men’s sprinkle some pink on it and it is an instant feminine bag. We took this category to the next level. We hired women designers that know style and are very current on what’s hot and what’s not. Over the years they have realized what customers want and need. Incorporating subtle features like a removable cosmetics pouch, or a lipstick or mascara holder, and styles and colors only a woman would appreciate make our Women’s Collection stand apart from the competition.

Laptop Cover July2008

An exclusive feature only Mobile Edge offers is the Wireless Security Shield accessories pocket. This Zinc lined pocket blocks our Wireless Hackers from accessing your Bluetooth enabled cell phones, PDAs or smart phones. It also helps you when going into meetings, never worry about interrupting the meeting again with your phone ringing. All calls go straight to voice mail.

The flattened non-slip shoulder straps make this a comfortable tote to carry. The non-slip straps will stay on your shoulder when walking.

Priced at $99.99 and available in June, this new women’s laptop tote is sure to make a statement. It’s chic, sophisticated and innovative all in one.

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