Mobile Edge Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags in stock!

Mobile Edge ScanFast Laptop Bag Collection delivered.

This morning a large shipping container arrived with the new Mobile Edge ScanFast™ Collection of Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags.  Our warehouse team began offloading the container first thing this morning.  The Mobile Edge warehouse is now filled with these new TSA compliant laptop cases ready to ship out to all of the pre-orders that we received over the past few weeks.

Back in March of this year, the TSA posted a message to laptop bag manufacturers to come up with design concepts for new laptop bags to be considered “Checkpoint Friendly.”  Our design team quickly went to work and created three custom laptop bags that all exceeded the TSA’s guidelines to be Checkpoint Friendly.

To date, Mobile Edge is the only manufacturer to create a Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack.  The ScanFast™ Backpack accommodates laptops up to 17″.  Based on our sales trends, our design team decided to use traditional styles of laptop cases realizing that travelers like briefcases, messenger bags and backpacks.  So they used our superior designs and incorporated the TSA guidelines into the drawings.  The outcome, a new collection of laptop bags that will help you pass through airport security checkpoints quickly.  Now, when passing through security luggage checkpoints, you can leave your laptop in its case.

Each ScanFast case unzips all the way down on both sides allowing the airport screener full access to the laptop compartment.  This gives the screener a clear unobstructed view of the laptop and makes screening the case quick and easy.

The days of digging through your laptop bag for your computer, placing in a plastic bin and hoping it gets to the end of the X-Ray machine without being damaged are over.  Your laptop will remain in its case and remain safe and secure.

Save time, and get to your air carrier’s terminal with time to spare.  For more information, visit the Mobile Edge website.  I would order now because orders are coming in fast!

* TSA officials reserve the right to further screen a case at their discretion.

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