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Macworld Editor Dan Frakes, posted an article online about the Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag requirements the Transportation Security Office posted for manufacturers.  Of the 40 manufacturers that responded to the TSA request, Mobile Edge is among the few manufacturers he mentions.  Beating most of our competitors to market with our ScanFast™ Collection of Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags, we now have TSA Compliant laptop cases ready to purchase and have already shipped thousands of orders.

Here is a brief snippet of Dan’s article:

If you’re traveling to the US, it’s worth your while to get acquainted with the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s announced new rules covering “checkpoint friendly” laptop bags. The goal of these regulations is to increase the speed and efficiency of airport security checkpoints by allowing passengers to keep their laptop computers in their bags during X-ray screening. However, there’s quite a bit of confusion about what, exactly, constitutes a checkpoint-friendly bag and the specific rules for using one.

What is a “checkpoint friendly” bag? According to the TSA, these are the criteria a laptop bag must meet to be considered checkpoint-friendly:

  • It must have a designated laptop-only section.
  • The laptop-only section must unfold completely to lie flat on the X-ray belt.
  • No metal snaps, zippers or buckles can be located inside, underneath, or on top of the laptop-only section. (In other words, metal elements must be positioned so they do not overlap the body of the laptop in an X-ray image.)
  • It cannot have pockets on the inside or outside of the laptop-only section.
  • Nothing can be packed in the laptop-only section other than the computer itself. (This is more of a guideline for packing than for designing a bag, although a laptop compartment that fits a computer perfectly makes it more difficult to fit additional items.)

Not listed in the guidelines, but mentioned on the TSA Web site under the topic of Industry Process and Guidelines, are warnings against thick bag dividers and thick emblems or seals on the laptop-only section. These elements can prevent security-checkpoint X-rays from obtaining a clear image of your laptop.

What kinds of bags meet these guidelines? Vendors are meeting the requirements in a couple ways. One is by designing bags that unfold so that the laptop section presents an unobstructed X-ray view. (There’s no restriction against having zippers, buckles, or other metal parts on the sides of the laptop section, as long as these parts don’t in any way obstruct the X-ray view of the laptop.) Another is by hosting the laptop in a basic sleeve or cover that detaches or can be removed from the main bag.

Apparently so. The TSA notes, in the Procedures article linked above, that over 60 manufacturers of laptop bags responded to the TSA’s announcement with intentions to create checkpoint-friendly bags, and 40 submitted prototypes to the agency for feedback. Since the new policy went into effect, a number of vendors have contacted us specifically to let us know that they have new or existing bags that meet the guidelines; these include Mobile Edge...

To read the full article Dan wrote, click here.

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