Is your laptop safe when waiting for your flight?

Is your laptop safe?It has been reported in several publications like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, PC Magazine and others on how vulnerable travelers are to thieves at airports.  I’ve personally seen first hand people traveling with their laptops, then placing the bag on the ground near their seat not paying attention to potential thieves.  This specifically applies to people who carry traditional styled laptop cases that are black and have a computer company name on them which screams “I have a laptop!”

Mobile Edge offers several styles of laptop cases that do not look like traditional laptop cases, therefore adding an indirect element of security.  From our women’s messenger bags, handbags or totes, to our men’s SecurePack laptop backpack, or our men’s briefcases and messenger bags.  All designed to not only protect your laptop, but to help protect our customers from potential thieves.

I ran across this article recently online and thought it was very applicable.  To read the full article click on the link below.

By Peter Wolcha, a blogger at Synch, a Tech Blog Site.

I had a coffee and an on-loan Apple iPhone, and I had settled into a chair at Toronto’s Pearson Airport, early for a flight to Vancouver. I was heading west to moderate a roundtable debate at one of two events run by Backbone and KPMG in support of our recent PICK 20 roundup of Canada’s best Web 2.0 companies.

This was an ideal time to review the agenda and my questions. Twenty minutes later my work was still unreviewed but it looked like my brand new Facebook account was ticking along nicely. Feeling I deserved a break I glanced around the gate area and noticed a rather well-dressed woman across from me. We were both sitting at the ends of our respective rows and she had placed an expensive laptop bag on the floor beside her. At the end of the row. Out of her direct sight. And she was reading a novel.

It occurred to me how easy it would be to steal the bag. She wasn’t looking, and if I stood up and coolly snagged it as I walked past, no one would notice. And I remembered a cop I had once met who did just that. He would hang out at airports and steal computers, and then stand around with other cops to see how long it would take for the owner to notice. Sometimes it took a long time. I decided to stroll around and see how many laptops I thought I could safely snatch. I spotted at least three.

That cop had a lot of good advice on thwarting thieves, and based on my airport stroll the most important one is really simple: if you put a bag on the floor, put it down in front of you, or between your feet, or loop the shoulder strap over the back of your chair. Do anything, in fact, that will get a crook to choose an easier target than you.

I could have grabbed three bags in a few minutes, and after a quick trip to a bathroom stall to transfer the valuables and dump the bags I’d be on the plane or out of the airport with a nice haul of both notebooks and the sensitive data stored on them.

I didn’t do that, but apparently lots of people do. The Poneman Institute estimates that last year up to 12,000 laptops were lost or stolen in American airports every single week.

To read the full article click here.

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