Mobile Edge launches new UltraPortable Computer Sleeves!

Mobile Edge UltraPortable Computer Sleeves

Technology evolves quickly, so it’s important as a technology company to advance in unison.  The newest trend in mobile computing right now is UltraPortable Laptop Computers.  Manufacturers such as Asus, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Apple, Lenovo and others have all come out with Netbook computers in multiple sizes such as: 7 inch, 8.9 inch and 10 inch sizes.  These are actual computers! They really are the perfect companion for any road warrior.

The design team at Mobile Edge created three new UltraPortable Neoprene Sleeves to accommodate the 8.9 inch, and 10 inch Netbook Computers.  Of course the 8.9 inch neoprene sleeve will accommodate the 7 inch UltraPortable Computer just fine.

Mobile Edge UltraPortable Computer Sleeve with red pipingFor people that travel often, this new revolution of UltraPortable Computers is a great alternative. Traveling around with a large 17 inch wide screen can be cumbersome and can take its toll on your back and shoulders.  The new collection of Mobile Edge UltraPortable Neoprene Sleeves is the perfect solution for UltraPortable computers.  All three styles come with an attractive and affordable retail price of only $24.99.

Because the neoprene sleeves are somewhat form fitting, they can still fit into a larger bag or briefcase you already own.

There have been reviews posted all over the Internet praising this new wave of Netbook computers.  The cost of the new compact computers are very reasonable.  For the same price I paid for my new Apple iPhone, I could have paid for a new 8.9 Netbook.  (I had to pay full price for my new 16GB 3G iPhone because my contract with AT&T was not up for renewal.  I’m not bitter…)

The new sleeves are available in three color options and two sizes. Get your UltraPortable Sleeve today by visiting the Mobile Edge website!

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