Traveling with my Mobile Edge Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag

Mobile Edge ScanFast Backpack Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag

Traveling these days with your laptop has become a huge challenge with all of the new security steps you have to go through just to enter your terminal.  Although security checks are needed for obvious reasons, security checkpoints can add hours to your wait time on any given day.

Luckily, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently relaxed the carry on luggage rule by allowing Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags to pass through security checkpoints.  As long as the new cases meet the TSA guidelines you are good to go.  You no longer have to remove your laptop from your case.

Mobile Edge just released their new ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags. I’ve been using the new ScanFast Backpack which fits up to a 17″ laptop.  Honestly, it has been great when going though airport security checks.  All you have to do is take the backpack off your shoulder, unzip the bag all the way down on both sides and place it on the X-ray Belt.    That is it.  You don’t need to place the bag in a gray plastic bin.  It really could not be any easier.

The new design by Mobile Edge allows the airport screener to easily scan the laptop and help move you through the line quicker.  This not only helps you but it helps the rest of the people in line behind you.  The more people purchase these Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags the quicker people will go through security.

You still have to take off your shoes and belt if  you wear one, but at least it is one less step that you have to worry about.  The picture above is me looking at departure times for my flight wearing the new ScanFast Backpack.  It is the perfect size for a two day trip, or just the essentials you need for that meeting you have to go to.

There are three styles available, the ScanFast Backpack, the ScanFast Messenger Bag and  the ScanFast Briefcase and are all backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Let me know your thoughts.  Do you feel this new design will help save you time when traveling?  e-mail me at

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