Mobile Edge launches new USB 2.0 Media Card Readers/Writers

Mobile Edge USB 2.0 Card Reader/Writer

It seems everyone has a digital camera these days.  However, transferring those images from your camera or camera phone to your laptop is not always easy, especially when traveling.  Most new laptops don’t have memory card slots, or if they do they may not be the one specifically designed for your camera.  Now, with the new trend in Ultraportable computers or Netbooks, even additional USB slots are hard to come by.

That is why the Research & Development Team at Mobile Edge added two USB 2.0 Card Reader/Writers and three new USB 2.0 Hubs to their laptop accessory collection.  Depending on your needs, there is an option for everyone.

Now when on the road, take as many photos as you want and transfer them quick and easy to your laptop.

It is our Mission at Mobile Edge to ensure our customers have what they need when on the road to be truly mobile.

How many times have you needed extra USB ports?  Everything uses USB connections now, including printers, mice and keyboards (unless wireless of course).  Check out our selection of new USB 2.0 hubs that will give you additional USB ports that you need.

Mobile Edge USB 2.0 Hub

If you want both, then try the new USB 2.0 Card Reader/Writer and Three Port Hub all in one.  It gives you three extra USB 2.0 ports, and multiple media card slots for all popular memory cards to include the Sony Memory Stick Duo, Compact Flash, SD Cards, HDSD Cards, Secure Digital, SmartMedia, xD and MicroDrives.  This is a slick gadget that anyone can use.

Check out the Mobile Edge website for more information.

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