We want customer feedback on your ScanFast Laptop Case

Mobile Edge ScanFast Collection of Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags

For those customers that already have used a Mobile Edge ScanFast Case, we want to hear from you! For sending in customer feedback, I will send you a Free Gift from Mobile Edge.  With your permission we may post a portion of your comments on our website.  If you have a photo of you and your ScanFast Laptop Case, send it in.

Tell us in your words:
•    How was your traveling experience with your new ScanFast Laptop Bag?
•    Did the TSA screener recognize your case was Checkpoint Friendly?
•    Did you move through security faster by using the TSA compliant case?
•    Anything else you would like to share with us…

Send your comments directly to me at mo@mobileedge.com

For customers who do not own a ScanFast Carrying Case yet, earlier this year the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced they will allow Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags to be used when traveling through airport security checkpoints.  This means if you use a TSA compliant laptop bag you do not need to remove your laptop from the bag.  This will help save you time and anguish when passing through security.  Inevitably, by using these cases it will actually help move the security line faster for everyone.

As a leader in the laptop carrying case category, we (Mobile Edge) introduced several new Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags as part of our ScanFast™ Collection.

Just yesterday we sent out a press release announcing our new ScanFast for Her Collection of Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags, designed specifically for women.  As the industry leader in women’s stylish laptop bag, it made sense that we would be the first manufacturer to offer Women’s Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags.

If you don’t already have one, I recommend getting one.  Traveling through airport security has never been easier.

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