Travel Tips for the Holiday Season

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Traveling during the holiday season is always a challenge, so it’s smart to plan ahead to make sure you are well prepared.

The TSA continually updates their rules and regulations on what you can carry on the plane and what you can not.  If it has been a while since your last trip, I would recommend visiting the TSA’s website for a quick update.  You can find the most up-to-date information by visiting

I ran across this article listed below which gives some common sense travel tips from Troy Vaughn, of the Charleston Travel Examiner. To read the full article you can visit their site linked below.

To make air travel a little less stressful and to breeze through the security line like a tropical wind through a hula skirt, start with some basic principles.

Plan ahead. Pack all of your fluids, liquid soaps, shampoo, cologne, perfume into your checked luggage.  That’s right, check your damn luggage!  I have rarely experienced any delay longer than the excruciating 45 minutes it seems to take United Airlines to get the bags to the belt in San Francisco.  So if you’re in a big hurry, pack less and carry on.  Otherwise, check it.  If you still insist on carrying your luggage because you’re flying the Cheap Skate airlines and the addition $25 for servicing your bag is too much to handle, remember this.  3-1-1.  3 ounce liquid container, in a 1 quart zip lock bag, 1 item per bag.

Arrive 2 hours prior to your flight.  Check in, drop your checked luggage and hit the security line.  This will lower the stress of standing in a long line, while your boarding door is closing.  Besides, there is always a $9 coffee-latte-caramel macchiato, skinny, with extra squirt, and a half twist of splenda, and whipped cream on top, on the other side of this process.  So plan to celebrate.  Some non-responsive bastion of customer service will thank you for it.

While in the cue, take off your watch and belt, and place them in whatever you’re carrying.  For me, it’s my laptop case.  Also, remove your wallet and loose coins.  Place them in a pouch inside the case as well.  Now, I’m holding my boarding pass, ID, and laptop case.

As I approach the belt, I put my laptop in a bin, [avoid this hassle with a ScanFast case from Mobile Edge] my case behind it on the belt (zip up all the external zippers), and I remove my shoes and place them on the belt in front of all my things.  No, your shoes DO NOT need a bin.  However, my laptop bin will push my shoes through the scanner and down the belt.  After all, I’ll want to put my shoes on first on the other side before someone notices the mileage on my socks.

If you’re wearing a coat, jeans jacket, or sweater like coat, plan on removing this garment as well, and place it in its own bin.  If you don’t want to, no problem…  The TSA will give you a deeper, more personal search (frisking) on the other side.  Further delaying your arrival at the $9 coffee bar…

To read the full article, click here.

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