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One of my favorite Bloggers Kate Trgovac wrote a fun review on the new Mobile Edge Women’s Express Backpack on one of her blogs called Funky, Chic & Cool Laptop Backpacks.  She has a wealth of experience and has reviewed nearly every bag manufactuere under the sun.  My point is, she is a voice in the industry that people listen to.  Here is her review of the stylish women’s Polka-dot Express Backpack.  For mroe reviews from Kat, click on the link listed at the end of the review.

Sassy, sporty and pink!

Express Laptop Backpack from Mobile Edge - SideLook, I’m not going to lie to you. I wanted to open this review with the statement, “The pink polka-dot Express Laptop Backpack from Mobile Edge is the bag that Strawberry Shortcake would carry if she were a grown-up freelance blogger/web designer.”

But I was worried that some of you might take that the wrong way. I had a bit of a *thing* for Miss Shortcake when I was younger so, to me, that is a totally positive statement. See the Express is pink, but not ALL pink. And it has pink racing stripe piping down the side. Shows that you’re ready for action. It’s a little sporty, a little designer-y. But not so uber-sophisticated that your friends Angel Cake and Ginger Snap will accuse you of going all corporate, “You used to be one of US, Straw! What HAPPENED?!”


Express Laptop Backpack from Mobile Edge - InteriorThe pink polka-dot Express Laptop Backpack from Mobile Edge is a fun and functional bag to comfortably carry your laptop and other gear. The pink and chocolate colour scheme is vivid, but not overwhelming. And its silhouette is curved and feminine. But don’t think that means this bag isn’t all business on the inside! I really like the layout of the Express. The main compartment is quite roomy. Your laptop goes in a dedicated sleeve at the back of the bag that is well padded. The front of that sleeve has three pockets for smaller accessories or detritus. The interior front flap of the Express Backpack has two pockets as well as the usual pen holders and open slots for small gear, notebooks, etc. Small gussets at the base of the flap help keep your contents contained.

On the exterior there is a zippered media pouch with a headphone escape route. Handy for on-the-go-tuneage. And on each side of the Express there is a long pocket – good for magazines or easy boarding pass access. There is also a tuck-away drink bottle pocket.

Express Laptop Backpack from Mobile Edge - BackThe Express is really quite comfortable. Wearing it on the long (LONG) trek to any gate in Vancouver’s airport, I hardly noticed it – the back of the bag is well padded with three strategically-placed ventilation panels – keeps the air flowing! The straps were a good fit, plenty of length and one of them even has a handy mobile phone pouch for easy access. Like all Mobile Edge products, the Express is well made and sturdy. The zippers and pulls are strong and stand up to daily wear and tear.

The Women’s Express Backpack (in both polka-dot and pink ribbon) is available for $59 USD on the Mobile Edge website. For the price of this bag, you get some really exceptional functionality; it’s a great value. Thanks to Matthew at Mobile Edge for sending a review copy.

To read the full review, visit Kate’s Blog Site by clicker here.

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