New Mobile Edge Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag Reviewed

ScanFast Onyx Checkpoint Friendly Briefcase Review

By: Allison J, Editor

Lookout ladies, Mobile Edge introduced a line of stylish laptop bags for the fashion-conscious woman on the go. With a TSA approved design and a wireless security shield compartment, it’s a little black bag with a couple of tricks up its sleeves.

Mobile Edge for Her ScanFast Onyx Briefcase, Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag

So what makes the ScanFast Onyx Checkpoint Friendly Briefcase appealing to the feminine sensibility? The “Mobile Edge for Her” tag on the main compartment, for starters. It’s also accented with black faux-leather on the front compartment and shoulder straps and includes a removable accessories pouch. It’s a simple but polished look for a style-conscious woman.

Two large compartments make up the bulk of the bag. Because this is a TSA checkpoint friendly bag, one of these is designated as the laptop compartment, and the whole bag unzips in the butterfly style to provide security with an unobstructed view of the computer. Mobile Edge was even kind enough to print the words “Checkpoint Friendly” in large white letters inside the bag … just in case TSA agents aren’t sure whether the bag should be allowed to pass. A smaller compartment on the front has a couple of pockets for pens and other devices.

One of these pockets has what Mobile Edge calls a Wireless Security Shield. It’s designed to protect a cell phone or Bluetooth enabled wireless device from would-be hackers. The catch, however, is that the pocket lining will also block out any incoming calls or messages, creating a little Bermuda Triangle inside your bag. If you’d like to make sure your phone stays silent during a meeting or sporting event, placing it in this pocket will keep it quiet. Again, you won’t receive any calls or messages while it’s there. [Calls go straight to voice mail]

This is a well designed bag; from the solid hardware to the flattened straps that rest on the shoulder comfortably. It even has a trolley strap on the back. On three trips through three different airport security checkpoints, I’ve never been asked to take my laptop out of this bag. Has the day of the TSA friendly bag finally arrived? I hope so.

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