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Mobile Edge M100 PowerSmart Bluetooth HeadsetTechnology editor Scott Carmichael of reviewed the new Mobile Edge M100 PowerSmart Headset. As with nearly every person that has used this product including Scott, they are all surprised at how amazing the sound quality is on this headset.  Notably, the PowerSmart Headset has been awarded the 2009 iF Product Design Award from the International Forum Design Organization based in Hanover, Germany.

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We’ve mentioned Mobile Edge here on Gadling before, but mainly for their excellent checkpoint friendly bags. In addition to these bags, the company also offers a lineup of travel gadgets. One of those gadgets is the new M100 PowerSmart Bluetooth headset.

The M100 is special thanks to an ingenious folding design. When you are not using the headset, you simply fold it flat and attach it to the included lanyard clip. When in the “off” position, you get a whopping 60 days standby time out of the headset. The headset comes with an AC adapter and a very clever L shaped USB plug.

The M100 is also pocket friendly – when in the standby position, the headset locks the call button, preventing one of those embarrassing phone calls made to friends by mistake.

Audio quality is quite outstanding, mainly thanks to the flanged earpiece, which keeps the headset nice and snug in your ears, blocking outside noise.

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