Mobile Edge Netbook cases creating a buzz

The design team at Mobile Edge is once again basking at their fine work, introducing the first actual Collection of Netbook Cases on the market.  In the crowded category of Netbook sleeves, there really has not been a company to produce a Collection of structured Netbook cases.  Enter Mobile Edge, which just released three new Netbook cases to fill the void in the marketplace.  The Collection consists of a traditional Edge Netbook Briefcase, the on-the-go Netbook Messenger Bag and a functional and rugged Edge Netbook Backpack.  Designed to fit ultra portable Netbooks from 8.9  to 10 inch screens with an adjustable computer compartment.  By removing the insert, the cases will accommodate laptops up to 13″.  A pretty versatile case collection indeed.

Mobile Edge - Edge Netbook Carrying Case Collection

This new Collection was featured on a prominent Netbook Blog site called Netbook Digest, and the writer had some good things to say about the new line.  Here is a brief clip of the article.

First of all, Netbooks are small computers and thus, they can pretty much fit in whatever carrying device you have lying around.  I have been known to tote my Netbook around with me in a messenger bag I got for free from a campus give-away.  It’s about as functional as a plastic bag and only slightly more stylish.  This works for me, but I’m told business professionals and hip youngsters alike want the safety of their expensive pieces technology to be absolutely assured, and for that purpose a plastic bag does not fit the bill, even if it’s the biodegradable kind with the reinforced bottoms.
Ok, so you’ve managed to whittle down the massive field of Netbooks currently available to a single choice, decided on an operating system, and splurged that extra money you’ve been saving on a brand new Netbook in all its tiny glory.  The day comes when your shipment arrives from whatever foreign country in was manufactured in and you tare open the box with glee to find your splendiferous new Netbook ready to use in its splendor.  You mess around for an hour or so, maybe change your Linux distro, or install a hacked OS X on it, and you think you’ve got it working pretty well.  You decide to take it out for its first test run.  In horror, you realize that the tiny, nylon zippered Netbook sleeve your brand new machine came with is woefully inadequate.

Mobile Edge has a set of seriously sturdy Netbook bags.  Available for around $50, these are sturdy, efficient and functional buggers that are far and away from the various Netbook sleeves-masquerading-as-bags that are commonplace in this particular market.

For the ladies out there looking for a fashionable way to carry around their new Netbook, no doubt with designer case-mod.  Designer Maddie Powers has released a creative line of laptop bags that will fit a Netbook just fine.  These are also available through Mobile Edge and feature a classic 1950s pin-up girl design.  These are definitely form over function, but will no doubt be fine for daily use.  Somehow I doubt anyone who owns one of these will be taking it on a construction site or anything that requires elaborate protective measures for their laptop/Netbook.

To read the full review click here.

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