Mobile Edge CAMEX 2009 after hours event


Anaheim, Calif. – CAMEX 2009, sponsored by the National Association of College Stores (NACS), the collegiate retailing’s premier event consisted of two days of intensive retail education, speakers and special events followed by a three-day trade show which featured the latest products intended for student consumers aged 18-24.

During CAMEX more than 710 companies occupied more than 1,500 booths, showcasing items from more than 100 different product categories — from the latest collegiate apparel to pencils, Laptop Bags and accessories to organic beauty products.

Mobile Edge located a few miles away from the Anaheim Convention center where the event took place hosted an after hours event at their Corporate Headquarters where affiliate Distributor Reps from D&H and Douglas Stewart along with Collegiate Computer Store buyers where invited.

The catered event with sumptuous hor derves and cocktails made for a terrific evening.  More than 100 collegiate buyers and distribution partners attended the event throughout the evening all enjoying the complimentary evening.

A billiards table, Fuse Ball Table and Ping Pong table were set up for attendees to enjoy at their leisure while taking in the ambiance of the ultra clean Mobile Edge warehouse.

“I had the best time hanging out with the Mobile Edge team,” said Bill Gargano, Florida State University Computer Store Buyer.  “They always treat you like family, and it was fun to see friendly interaction between D&H and Douglas Stewart representatives.”

At the end of the evening, attendees had the chance to sign a wall inside the warehouse near the entrance to Mobile Edge offices.  One of the best quotes of the evening read, “A mashed potato bar? No party will ever top that… ever,” from BBA, The University of The Arts Buyer.

Thanks to all that attended, we look forward to meeting with you and showing off our newest products just in time for Back to School at the CCRA Show in April .  Here are a few more images capturing the evening.

camex-2009-Mobile-Edge-fuse-ball-table camex-2009-Mobile-Edge-signed-wall camex-2009-Mobile Edge-shawn-reps camex-2009-david-christine-cropped Chuck Gangi enjoying dinner Bill Gargano (left), Matthew Olivolo (center) and George enjoying a cigar after dinner A buyer enjoying a game of pool Ready to sign the Mobile Edge wall Herb North (center) with Biola and Mississippi Reps Mobile Edge Tote and Moose Give Away

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