Must Have Travel Accessories for 2009: Part 1

ScanFast Collection of Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags

Traveling this day and age requires some knowledge of current rules and regulations posted by Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Making your travel experience more convenient and enjoyable is our number one Mission at Mobile Edge.  I’m writing a two part “Must Have Travel Accessories for 2009,” article to shed some light on new regulations, and some new travel accessories that will make your life easier when traveling.

As you may know, the airline industry has made several changes to travel policies and guidelines. Keep this blog site book marked for future travel related tips and Part 2 of this article.

Must have travel accessories for 2009 are geared to make your traveling experience  easier by offering devises to help maximize your luggage by assisting you in getting the most for your dollar.

The policies that have been recently implemented by the major airlines in regards to luggage restrictions pertain to two factors; weight and size of the luggage itself. Must have travel accessories for 2009 are items that tailor to these factors. For that reason alone, here are a few must have travel accessories for 2009.

Packing cubes and organizers: Packing cubes and organizers are a must have travel accessory for 2009 as they aid in creating more space in luggage. Major airlines require that carry-on luggage be less than 45 inches in combined length allowing them to fit in the overhead compartment of the aircraft. These items are easy to find and are a great travel accessory to add for this reason. Packing cubes and organizers can also help to minimize the need for an additional checked bag for longer travel periods.

Airline approved bottles and quart sized plastic bags: With the implementation of 3-1-1 by TSA in 2006, these items are still considered a must have travel accessory for 2009. Liquids larger than 3oz can only be brought along in your checked baggage, so for liquid items to be packed in a carry on it must be 3oz or less. Many travel size health and beauty products are now manufactured in accordance with the 3-1-1 policy in mind and are clearly labeled as “airline friendly” for this reason.

New Card Reader and USB 2.0 HubLaptop bags: Everyone knows accidents can happen, and with many of us being reliant on our technological devises for working on the road (or plane) a padded laptop bag is a must have travel accessory for 2009. Padded laptop bags help to minimize the possibility of damage to your laptop from an accidental drop. Click here to start your search for the perfect laptop case designed just for you.

Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags: The TSA approved specific designs to be considered Checkpoint Friendly, meaning travelers no longer need to remove their laptops from their bags when passing through airport security checkpoints.  Mobile Edge has one of the largest selections of Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags on the market, with a TSA Approved Briefcase, Messenger Bag and Backpack for men.  Just for women, the ScanFast Onyx Briefcase, Backpack and Element Briefcases (in three color options) are all TSA compliant.

USB 2.0 Card Reader and 3-Port Hub: There is nothing worse when traveling than not being able to download images you take while on the road.  Plus, most new laptops and Netbooks come with only a few USB Ports.  The All in one Card Reader and 3-Port Hub is the perfect travel companion allows you to download information from multiple memory cards and give you three additional USB 2.0 Ports.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Must Have Travel Accessories for 2009 article.

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