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Green PC Tips from LifehackerToday is Earth Day, and I found this interesting article on Lifehacker that listed a few helpful ways to go green at home, with your computer and your life.  Here is a brief clip from the article.

We’ve covered tons of ways to conserve energy and help the environment here at Lifehacker, so this is just a very quick look at a few of our favorites. For more, take a gander at our Environment and Conservation.

Last year I highlighted several ways to go green with your computer, but we’ve covered several new tools since then. Our favorite: previously mentioned Edison, a free system tray app that tweaks your PC’s power settings on a user-defined schedule—giving you more control over you power use than your default control panel settings.

Your PC itself isn’t the only culprit in the fight against waste. Think of the peripherals! To that end, check out our smart and easy tips for reducing printing costs, and remember that your printer may be wasting a lot of ink if you believe everything it tells you.

Nothing says “green” like a little gardening, and there are tons of ways you can go above and beyond in your garden to save some energy and reap the benefits of fresh veggies. To begin with, you can save serious cash by converting a portion of your lawn into a garden. (Though if you’re not up for a garden, you can still water your lawn more efficiently.) If you’re a set-it-and-forget it type—and as a result have never been great at Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Messenger Bag - Greenremembering to water your garden—you can create your own self-watering tomato planters from storage containers. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, building a self-watering garden with recycled water is a great DIY.

Go Green by carrying a new Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Laptop Messenger Bag.  Made with natural cotton canvas, this new collection of Eco-Friendly Messenger Bags really make a statement.  This messenger is 80 percent recyclable and has a great look.  Designed with a “green” conscious, Mobile Edge is working to limit their carbon foot by developing laptop cases using natural cotton canvas.   Available in four colors, Green, Navy, Black and Red there is one that will suit your fondness. Scheduled to ship next month (May), stay tuned for updates.  If you want to be put on a list for updates, send me an e-mail,

To read the full Green article, click on the Lifehacker link.

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