What’s in your Mobile Edge laptop bag?

What's in your Mobile Edge Netbook Briefcase

I’ve noticed on photo sharing sites like Flickr and TwitPic (Twitter Pictures) that people love to show off what they carry in their laptop bags. In almost every photo they show off the books they are reading, their laptop or Netbook, all the travel gadgets you can imagine, chewing gum and a magazine or two. It’s amazing how much stuff you can actually fit into the right bag.

For instance, Mobile Edge just released their new Netbook Case Collection designed specifically for small ultra portable Netbooks with screens sizes of 8.9, 10 and up to 13 inches. I was able to stuff in this case, an Acer Netbook, power supply, a USB hub and card reader, iPod, iPhone with headphones, a few magazines, a book I am reading PR 2.0, an external hard drive, three pens, a wireless media remote, business cards, Eclipse chewing gum, Cold Eeze and a water bottle. Hard to believe this small case that measures 15” (L) x 4” (W) x 11” (H) can fit all of this gear.

If you have a new Netbook computer, check out the Mobile Edge Netbook Briefcase. Priced at $49.99 and has a Lifetime Warranty, this is a smart case that is the perfect size for you and your new Netbook computer..

Send in your pictures of what you carry in your Mobile Edge laptop bag. For your time and effort I will send you a Free Gift and a special discount code on your next purchase.  E-mail me at mo@mobileedge.com.

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