Mobile Edge Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag for women reviewed

The all new ScanFast Element Briefcase is one of the first Checkpoint Friendly laptop bags designed specifically for women. Technology editor, Sue Burns from Just Another Mobile Monday (JAMM) took the feminine TSA compliant laptop bag out for a test drive flying to Phoenix from John Wayne Airport. Read her review below to see how well the test drive went.

Mobile Edge ScanFast Element Briefcase - Checkpoint Friendly Laptop BagA few weeks ago, I came across an interesting article in my local newspaper regarding a “checkpoint friendly” laptop bag from a company called Mobile Edge. “Oooooh”, thought my good self, “this could be good to review”. After finding out that their headquarters are just down the street from me, I was promptly dispatched to meet with them and see if there was anything they would like us to review.

They have hundreds of laptop bags available in different sizes, shapes and colors, but a couple of things impressed me very much. First of all, they were the first company to specifically design laptop bags that would appeal to women instead of us girls having to carry around a bag that’s obviously designed for and looks like it’s designed for a man!

The other great thing about them is that they do a line of bags called The Caring Case Collection, whereby 10% of all proceeds go towards the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation.

I opted to review a delightful looking pink ScanFast(TM) “Element” Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Briefcase. Hit the jump for the review!

The briefcase is made out of pink poly-suede and brown faux-leather with white stitching. The interior is a fetching striped pattern in varying shades of pink, black and white.

One of the things I really like is that the briefcase has a handle that allows you to put it over the handle on your luggage cart, instead of having to precariously balance it on the top of your luggage. There is also an zippered compartment on the outside that comes in handy for things like boarding passes and passports – thing you need quick access to.

Checkpoint Friendliness!

So, let’s start with the Checkpoint Friendly bit! First of all, the TSA have not approved any laptop bags for “checkpoint friendliness,” however, they did write guidelines on what would be required in order to get your laptop bag through security checkpoints without having to take the laptop out.

There must be nothing obstructing the screeners view of the laptop, and so Mobile Edge developed their ScanFast™ “Element” Checkpoint Friendly bags with no external zipper or other compartments on one side. The bag opens up to reveal a plastic see through compartment that doesn’t obstruct the view of the laptop. So, while going through the security screening, you just open up the bag and lay it flat as in the picture below.

Mobile Edge ScanFast Briefcase folds flat for TSA screenersThis last weekend, I flew to Arizona to see my partner’s son graduate ASU (a fine young man whom I’m super proud of, if I may say so!), and figured it would be an awesome opportunity to test the checkpoint friendliness of the bag. Just in case you haven’t flown recently, the TSA now have signs up at the security gates giving hints on what is checkpoint friendly and what isn’t – for instance, a laptop sleeve is fine.

After standing in line at John Wayne Airport for what seemed like forever, it was finally my turn to take off my shoes (travel hint: always wear flip flops if possible!), dump my purse in the tray and deal with the laptop. Instead of struggling to take the thing out of the bag, I just unzipped it and put it on the conveyor belt……meanwhile the girl in line behind me commented on the cool pink color. As it went through the screening, the TSA agent looked at me, said “cool, we don’t get many of those” and the guy in front of me asked where I got it from – he is a frequent business traveler and gets irritated at having to take his laptop out all the time.

The briefcase itself has 3 main compartments – one for your laptop and then 2 others which are more than adequate for carrying books, magazines, folders, notebooks etc. It reminds me of the Tardis (calling all Dr. Who fans!)!

There is also a small, removable clutch type purse – which is impressive forethought on Mobile Edge’s part. This allows us ladies to carry makeup, if we so choose, but it’s also big enough for a PDA or cellphone.

In the first compartment, there is a pocket for magazines or a folder, along with lots of handy little pockets for pens, pencils etc and another zippered compartment. There is also a pocket for a PDA or cellphone which is protected by a Wireless Security Shield™ – this protects your Bluetooth phone or PDA from hackers, viruses & spam. Again, geared towards the girls is a little “pen holder” that’s actually sewn at the bottom so you can put a lipstick or mascara in there without it falling out.

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