Mobile Edge – Simple Tips on Packing Bags for Travel

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Traveling is great, but sometimes packing for trips can be a tenacious task.   Here are a few helpful tips on how to pack the right way.  Keep in mind several airlines now charge for the first checked bag in addition to a second checked bag.  When traveling with a friend or spouse, double the charges for everything.

I found this checklist on a terrific website called  They offer great advice on a variety of topics.  Here are a few packing tips they recommend.

1. Bring it on board. Unless you are going for an extended vacation, consider traveling with a carry-on and an oversized purse or tote bag (2x if you are traveling together). Put your wallet and personal belongings in the tote, along with any magazines, a pair of comfortable shoes for your trek through the airport and anything else you will need during your flight.

2. Check it off. Make a check list of the basics; pj’s, reading glasses, medications, contact lens case, make up, underwear, band aids, etc. Don’t forget to review the list before leaving the house.

3. Is that regulation? Make sure your carry-on suitcase is FAA regulation size. Regardless if your suitcase is made of leather, aluminum or sturdy cloth, or even a duffel-style carry-on, make sure it has wheels. Throw your tote bag over the handle of the wheeled case and off you go. If you need to bring a laptop make sure you use a Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag.  It makes traveling much easier. Click here for more info.

4. Easy access. Store your larger suitcase in the overhead and keep your tote under the seat in front of you for quick access to magazines, tissue, hand sanitizer or your laptop.

5. Wrinkle-free tip. Recycled dry cleaning bags works miracles for wrapping sweaters, skirts, shirts, trousers and assorted articles of clothing. This tip is the key to your clothes arriving wrinkle free.

6. Bag the footwear and get them in position. Place your shoes in old grocery bags, wrap them in dry cleaning bags or professional shoe bags and line them around the perimeter of the suitcase. This will create a sturdy shell, allowing you to place your garments in the middle and preventing them from shuffling during the flight.

7. Keep ’em separate. Use small travel bags or zip lock storage bags to separate undergarments, belts, inexpensive jewelry (wear the good stuff or keep it in your tote—never check it), toiletries, medicines, computer and cell phone chargers and all other miscellaneous items that inevitably get lost or sink to the bottom of the suitcase.

8. Wrapped up. In your tote, pack an oversized scarf or pashmina that can be used as a blanket for the frigid plane trip. Nothing is worse than feeling chilled and your only option of warmth is the dirty airplane blanket that is crumpled up next to the earlier passenger’s old newspaper.

9. Keep it identifiable. Label your luggage with a distinct luggage tag and before you zip it up, throw in a couple of empty trash bags for dirty clothes. Bags don’t weigh a lot and you can use them to separate your smelly gym socks from your delicate lingerie.

10. Travel ahead. Finally, consider pre-shipping any gifts that may be fragile or breakable. Better safe than sorry and it will be one less thing to worry about.

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