Mobile Edge Bluetooth Headset reviewed by Canadian Tech Editor

How to drive and yak on your cell phone … legally

By Lynn Greiner,  IT Business

The Mobile Edge PowerSmart Headset only claims up to 6 hours talk time, or up to 150 hours standby, but it does have one more trick up its sleeve: an Ultra Power Save mode that lets it nap for up to 60 days.

Mobile Edge PowerSmart Bluetooth Headset - Winner of 2009 iF Design of Excellence Award of ExcellenceThe headset looks rather like a USB key, complete with cap and attached lanyard, until you give the cap a little twist and pull it off to reveal the earpiece (you get three sizes to choose from). To use the device, you bend it into an L-shape that makes it sit nicely when you insert the earpiece. It goes well into the ear, so outside noises are blocked. I found it fairly comfortable (it weighs just under 10 grams), and it did stay put.

Charging is through either an a/c adapter, or a USB adapter, both of which are in the box. A full charge takes about two hours, on par with the other units we tested.

Sound quality was very good. I was told, “you sound like you,” which is about as good as it gets on a cell phone. With noise and echo cancellation, there was no issue with background interference, and like its little sibling, it supports multi-point. Voice dial is supported through the phone’s capabilities.

Controls consist of a single multi-function button, plus volume up and down buttons. If the headset is straightened from its L shape, the keys are locked to prevent inadvertent button-presses. If the phone rings while it’s in its straight configuration, simple bending it into its L shape will answer the call.

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