New Sumo Folding Furniture Cubes in stock

Since our acquisition of Sumo Cases, the design team at Mobile Edge has gone full speed ahead with creating fun innovative products.

Case in point, just today a large container of new Sumo Folding Furniture Cubes arrives as part of the new Sumo Lifestyle Collection. The new Collection consists of several new non-computer related products such as new Sumo Duffle Bags which come in three colors and three sizes. There are also two new Tote Bags designed to take on the road and can be use for virtually anything, including a cool diaper bag.

Sumo Folding Furniture Cubes Arrive at Mobile Edge HeadquartersThe new Sumo Folding Furniture Cubes come in four sizes, the large 18” Cube and the medium 14” Cube. The smaller Cubes are called Sumo Folding Desktop Cubes. They come in two sizes, small 6” Cube and an ultra small 4” Cube. These Cubes are amazingly strong and can support the weight of a full grown man. (stay tuned for pictures)

The Cubes come in six colors, black, blue, red, orange, green and pink all sporting the lovable Sumo logo. Use your imagination on what to store inside one. Check them out by clicking here.

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