Green Travel Tips – Be More Eco-Friendly

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Making Business Travel (More) Eco-Friendly

By Greig Waddell,

Refusing to travel altogether is one way to go green, but if you need to keep your job, traveling may be unavoidable. These green travel tips can help you reduce your carbon footprint while work.

Flying may be unavoidable in many instances, but there are things you can consider when it comes to air travel:
• Fly non-stop when possible; you’ll get there faster and reduce emissions.
• Will a train do? Use alternative modes of transportation whenever possible.
• Plan trips wisely; try to plan meetings back-to-back so you can take one flight to the furthest destination and then work your way back home.

2. Carry Green
From your carry-on bag to your toiletry kit and clothes, make eco-friendly purchases whenever possible. Some things to look for include:
• Naturally-occurring fibers (cotton, bamboo) – Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Collection made with cotton canvas
• Toiletry items made from organic materials and without animal testing

3. Skip the Car Rental
If you can, skip the car rental altogether and take public transportation instead. Headed to the boonies? Other alternatives for cutting back on car emissions include sharing a car or renting hybrids.

4. Conserve on the Road
From recycling to carrying your own water bottle and switching off lights and electronics when not in use, pretend you are footing the bill for all of your energy use. You likely watch the thermostat and long showers at home, so don’t give up that thrifty spirit on the road. Some other ways to cut back:
• Hang up those towels; follow any hotel guidelines for conserving towel use.
• Don’t be wasteful; tote partially-used hotel toiletries home to the kids.

5. Support Green Companies
If you have a choice in where you stay and eat on the road, you can, at least, reduce your negative environmental impact. Support hotels, restaurants and local stores with green initiatives, such as:

Mobile Edge is proud to make Green products by introducing a new collection of Eco-Friendly Laptop Bags, constructed with natural cotton canvas. Additionally, the Research and Development Team are currently testing new materials that are use organic replenish-able materials.  Click here to see the collection.

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