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Mobile Egde Bluetooth Headset featured in Car & Driver Magazine - September 2009

Fresh off the presses, the Mobile Edge Bluetooth Headset smartly named the Comfort Fit was featured in the September 2009 Edition of Car and Driver Magazine. In their “Gear Box” section, editors reviewed five different headsets. All priced well over $100 ($120 to $130), our Comfort Fit Headset is priced at $59.99. It’s nice to know that companies like Mobile Edge can produce a quality product that is half the price of its competition.

Car and Driver Magazine Cover - September 2009In a time where people really do not have extra money to spend, we at Mobile Edge want to ensure we continually produce quality products that are priced right. Each Bluetooth Headset we sell comes with a one year warranty.  This is important because more and more states are requiring hands free options when talking on your cell phone and driving.

I personally use the Comfort Fit Headset everyday and I have to say it works great. It’s name is derived from the comfortable ear piece. It’s patent pending design uses small little soft finger-like pieces that contour to your ear. It stays inside your ear easily and is so light you forget it is even there. It really is a great price for a quality Bluetooth Headset.
Mobile Edge also offers another Bluetooth Headset that is just as light just a different form factor called the PowerSmart Headset.  Simply fold the headset to engage a phone call or make a call.

The PowerSmart Bluetooth Headset combines award-winning design with comfort, superior sound quality and amazing power saving features to provide the best of all worlds! With up to 60 days of ultra power save, you’ll always have power when you need it, and the 6 hour talk time will keep you connected even during the longest conversations.

The unique folding design allows you to fold it for use, and simply straighten it back out for easy storage when not in use. When straight, the power save mode automatically engages, making sure it will be ready when you need it next. Noise and echo cancellation means you’ll have clear-as-a-bell conversations, while the lightweight, in-ear design and 3 included earbuds make the unit so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it!

The PowerSmart Headset won the iF Design Award of Excellence for 2009!  Check out the Mobile Edge Bluetooth Accessories section by clicking here.

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