Mobile Edge Messenger Bag, Red Dell Inspirion

Red Dell Inspiron 16" and Red Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Messenger Bag a perfect fit!Dell is a great company and has produced some really cool laptops over the past decade, including the Dell Inspiron™ 15.6″ I am using to write this blog post.  Honestly, I love this machine and have had it for about eight months so far.

Recently, I saw an e-mail advertisement from Dell highlighting the new Red Dell Inspiron and the new Red Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Messenger Bag. Both are new, stylish, practical and of course Red. A perfect match that even Dell agrees with.

Dell has really done a great job reinventing their product line-up by listening to customer feedback and continually modernizing their look and feel.

Now, you can choose a Dell laptop in virtually any color you like customized to your exact needs. Mobile Edge has grown their product line-up in unison with Dell offering stylish laptop bags that meet new laptop screen sizes of 15.6” and 16” in addition to making affordable designs people expect.

For a complete listing of Mobile Edge products that fit all popular Dell laptop sizes click here.

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