Tips from Mobile Edge – buying a laptop bag

Finding the right laptop bag for your new computer is very important.

You first need to know what size your laptop screen is, then you can narrow down what style of bag interests you the most.  Whether it is a new laptop briefcase, messenger bag, backpack or tote you want to carry the choice is yours.

Style is important, that is why Mobile Edge offers so many different styles and colors of laptop bags and carrying cases to choose from. Whether you are an executive or a college student or anything in between, we offer something for everyone.  If you own a laptop, you have to own a Mobile Edge laptop case.

Laptop protection is always a top priority for our design team.  With our dedicated computer protection compartment, your laptop will be safe.

I would like to offer up my services to you as a Mobile Edge customer. If you just bought a new laptop or just would like a new laptop bag, let me know and I will custom fit a bag for you. All I need to know is, what type of laptop you have, screen size, color etc, and I will make a recommendation for you from there.

Send me an e-mail to mo@mobileedge and I will personally get back to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Here is a fun video of how to buy a laptop from the Microsoft advertising campaign you may have seen on TV or on the Internet. Enjoy.

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